The 360 acres of Branch Brook Park were designed in the American romantic tradition, with undulating hills, scenic vantage points of the lake and gurgling streams meandering through woodland glades.

The park was conceived by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1867 and designed by the Olmsted Brothers firm between 1898 and 1938. You may recognize the Olmsted name from his work constructing Central Park in New York City.

In developing the “Planting Plan” the Olmsted Brothers took advantage of the narrow stream valley where the cherries would mimic the scenery in their native Japan and light the valley in spring. This scenic design distinguishes the Branch Brook Park collection from all the other cherry displays in the country.

Branch Brook Park’s cherry trees exemplify the American picturesque tradition and are a living, breathing legacy of unrivaled beauty that herald in spring. The park is a national and local treasure that’s listed on both the National and New Jersey State Registers of historic places.

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