How to reduce stress during your wedding planning

There’s a reason why brides and grooms turn to wedding planners during the period before their nuptials – there’s always something left to do and not enough time to finish it all! Planning a wedding should be an expression of the love you and your significant other have for one other, as well as a reflection of your interests, background and the future you wish to have with one another.

Of course, with all of that planning and scheduling ahead of you, it can be easy to get a bit obsessed with the arrangements for your wedding and that could lead to potential strains in your relationship. Remember, your wedding is just a moment, and building a foundation for a strong marriage is far more important. Here are a few ways that you and your significant other can shake off the stress of wedding planning while still keeping your goal in sight.

1.Create a wedding-free night during the week

Because the vast majority of your weekends will consist of meeting with vendors and visiting venues, you should dedicate one night during the week to spend with your significant other on something completely unrelated, suggested Take some time to catch up on your favorite TV show, meet up with some friends or plan a date night. You’ll both appreciate the time to catch your breath and recharge for what lies ahead.

2.Communicate openly with your significant other

Splitting the duties evenly with your fiancé is easier said than done, and this can be the source of potential issues down the road. According to Glamour, an easy way to avoid these disagreements is to allocate specific responsibilities early on in the process so each person knows what’s expected of him or her. Find out what your significant other wants to plan to ensure that you get the best results.

3.Embrace your single friends

It can seem like your whole life revolves around your wedding planning during the period before your special day. To get your mind off of things, call up a few of your friends who are still single and plan a night out. Chances are, your single friends won’t want to hear you talk about your wedding non-stop, so you can get your mind off of things and get your head back into the real world.


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