Google Unveils Cocktail Tool In Time For Wedding Season

How many times have you been at a bar trying to order one of your favorite drinks, but you can’t recall the ingredients or distribution? We’ve all been there, and there’s no easier way to make yourself look like a cocktail amateur! Luckily, Google is here to help eliminate that social awkwardness forever with the unveiling of its new cocktail tool, which is available on desktops and the Google Search app.


Google’s new cocktail tool, which comes on the heels of its expansion into foodie territory with its nutrition comparison tool released in 2014, will give users the ability to access step-by-step instructions to make the drink, optimal garnishes and even a list of ingredients, reported National Public Radio.


Ideally, Google hopes that users will access the tool through the Google app on the go where it can be most useful. It’s far more likely that someone will search for a cocktail recipe when they’re about to place an order, and Google’s cocktail tool will provide a photo and quick blurb on the cocktail.


So as spring and summer wedding season hits in full swing, your phone will have a lot more functionality to assist you as you step up to the bar. Who knows, you may just stump a bartender in the process! Thankfully, you’ll have the recipe in-hand.

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