Four Things You Should Know Before Organizing a Wedding Rehearsal

It’s almost time! The shopping is done. The wedding party is fitted. You’re finalizing plans for the bachelor/bachelorette party. In this phase of preparation it’s easy to look over the wedding rehearsal (more busy work). But that’s how –and let’s not pull any punches here –rehearsal disasters happen.

It’s not apathy. That’s too easy a write-off. It’s usually exhaustion. The rehearsal almost always takes place the day before the wedding. By this point, the big movers and shakers like the Bride and Groom and their Best Man/Maid of Honor have been neck-deep in wedding planning for months (or a year!). It’s one more mile to climb when your legs are sore. But much like how the last stretch is the one that separates champions from the runners up, brining your “A game” to the rehearsal can be the line that divides good weddings from great ones.


  1. Scheduling Will Set You Free.

If at all possible, don’t schedule the rehearsal the day after the bachelor/bachelorette party. This is an easy pitfall to fall into during the early stages of the planning phase. This is like having a celebration the night before the big business presentation or final exam. It might seem like a great way to ease tensions before you need to focus, but walking into these situations sluggish or still in ‘party mode’ can complicate things (to put in mildly).


  1. Consider The Morning or Early Afternoon Rehearsal.

If tip one had you snarling, then it’s safe to assume you’re foaming at the mouth right about now. Hear us out. It’s no secret that people are more alert and attentive during mornings. Get the rehearsal out the way. Have a wedding rehearsal lunch or early dinner, and then everyone is free to let their hair down. Wouldn’t it be nice to start celebrating once everything’s in order?


  1. Arrive on The Same Page.

Ideally, the rehearsal is not the best time to show the Planner and Officiant your custom seating and walk-in instructions. This not only puts the staff off their game, but that tone drips downward towards the wedding party –confusion equals not paying attention. Now, there is nothing wrong with customizing your wedding. It’s fantastic and memorable, actually. A few revisions and additions here and there are fine (expected, really) but keep the ensemble informed as often as possible.




  1. Believe It or Not, It Can Still be Fun.

Now that we’ve made a wedding rehearsal sound like basic military training, it’s important to point out that –yes this is supposed to be fun. It’s still a gathering of friends and family and a celebration. While the blocking and stage directions are taking place crack jokes, laugh and have fun. The above three tips should make this easier to come by; not harder. Energized and prepared leaves more room for fun and games than tired and frantic.

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