Leaving Numbers Behind: Getting Creative with Reception Tables

When last we talked about creative D.I.Y. table ideas, one of the most well- received aspects was number five where we decided to leave numbers altogether. As a top 10 wedding venue nj, Nanina’s may pride itself on taste, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t allow our guests to have some fun with their choices. Here are some more table ideas that leave behind the numbers altogether.

If you’re worried about mixed messages or confusion, fear not. Prop up a notice on a bulletin or stand and place it in direct line of sight for when people enter the room. It will act like a map key. For example, “Table Paris: Amanda, Arielle, Julien, Mark”.

  1. Personal Messages
    • This one works better on top of an individual plate. Perhaps tease your little brother with an amusing habit he had when he was too little to know better? “Don’t eat the napkins.” You can also be saccharine. “This seat belongs to the person who never let me give up on my piano lessons”, for mom.
  2. Post cards
    • This one works well with the key mapping. Did you have a memorable (or unmemorable) weekend in New Orleans? Designate a table as “New Orleans” and have friends who accompanied you sit there. Did you move away from your hometown and immediate family? Designate a table as that hometown just for them.
  3. Geek References
    • Not only does this work if you and your friends are geeks and proud, but it’s another layer to add to an already geek-themed wedding. Doing a Star Wars theme. Divide your relaxed and crazy friends by “Jedi” and “Sith”. Perhaps make a special table as the “501st”. Fantasy more your thing? You can name the wedding parties’ table as (yes, we’re going there) as “The Fellowship of The Ring”.

These are basic guidelines. Nothing here is set in stone. More than anything, Nanina’s wants your wedding to be something uniquely you. That you have every opportunity to look back and go “yes. That was mine. That is my personal stamp. This was my special day”. We are always open to ideas.

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