5 Tasty Reception Dessert Alternatives

While cakes are a classic wedding staple, they’re not for everyone. Sometimes it’s the cost of a professionally catered, tiered cake, or everyone can’t agree on a flavor. Whatever the reason, finding alternatives to serve for dessert is a trend slowly gaining steam in recent years. Here are some of the more popular replacements we’ve seen implemented.


  1. Cupcakes

Why substitute one baked good with icing for a bunch of smaller baked goods with icing? Two reasons: cost and variety. One hundred cupcakes ismuch easier on the wedding budget than a tiered cake, and being able to mix and match flavors means fewer people will go, “Oh. I’m really not a fan of (insert taste)”.


  1. S’mores

What’s the only thing better than touring our elegant NY wedding venue grounds on a Summer night? Touring them with friends and family with these quintessential outdoors treats.


  1. Pancake Platters

No. You read that correctly. We did a double-take the first time we saw people do this too. But when we saw they had an assortment of ‘choose-you-own’ toppings –like cinnamon sugar and whipped cream, we got it. They’re like cupcakes in that it’s a cheaper alternative that can appeal to a wider variety of tastes.


  1. Pie Table

For some, the homely, warm flavors and flaky crusts of pies are an easy win over cold, over-sweetened cakes. If you’re one of those people, you may want to go ahead and try this. You might be surprised by how many guests emphatically agree.


  1. Mini Dessert Buffet

If you’re still not keen of having a large single dessert piece, but can’t decide on a single replacement. It’s simple. Don’t settle for just one. Offer an assortment of small sweets like cookies, s’mores and cupcakes. Your guests will have a wide selection to choose from and be less pressured to eat past being full.


Our friends at the bakeries offer much more than wedding cakes. Feel free to check with them to create a dessert that’s perfect for your wedding.

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