Reception Favorites: The Shoe Game

If there’s anything a bride fears more than tripping while walking down the aisle, it’s people being bored at the reception. The drinks are served, the couple dance has taken place, dinner was great and the cake served. But all of that can happen in the first hour and a half.

Yes, it tough, yes, it’s rare, but it’s possible for people to get restless.

There are steps you can take to mitigate this as much as possible. Live entertainment, getting on the dance floor (it encourages others to dance), picking a top wedding venue in NJ, and games. Board games, card games and such might seem like an odd choice. It’s understandable why some people find the idea fun, and others dismiss it out-of-hand. But there is at least one game that is appropriate for weddings because it focuses on the bride and groom.

The Shoe Game.

We can imagine the look on your face as you read that. “The Shoe Game?” you recite to yourself with a raised eyebrow. Oh yes, The Shoe Game. Here’s how it works:

  • After the usual round of festivities (food, cake and drink) line up two chairs on the dance floor and set them back-to-back.
  • The Wedding couple both a take seat and each remove their shoes and hands one of their shoes to the other. They should both have one of each.
  • Then someone (a good friend, relative or even the DJ) takes a microphone and asks the wedding couple a series of questions, like, “Who said I love you first?” and then the bride and groom each raise a shoe for which of them they think did. Obviously the bride and groom can’t see how the other answers –much to the comedic delight of everyone in the room.

The questions can range from the simple “who keeps track of time better?” to the laughter-inducing “who wears the pants in the relationship?” and “who’s the better driver?” Though these are just examples. It’s better for the list to be written by someone who know the wedding couple well and can catch them in silly ironies likes “Whose the better cook?” and “whose burned dinner more times?” with the asker knowing it’s the same person!

Whether or not this sounds fun, cheesy or even inappropriate, we leave for each couple to decide. It’s important to know your audience –doubly so if you’re a best man or MOH and are considering springing this on the wedding couple by surprise. But make no mistake, in the right environment, it’s caused the entire ballroom to smile and burst out in laughter –bride and groom included.


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