How to Weave More Activities Into Your Wedding Weekend

How to Weave More Activities Into Your Wedding Weekend

The main event for your wedding weekend will undoubtedly be when you and your significant tie the knot during your ceremony, but in many ways the modern American wedding has turned into a weekend-long extravaganza of activities and celebrations that span multiple days and not mere hours.

As you tackle the many tasks that need to be completed before the wedding like hiring a band, photographers and other considerations, finding a few activities that can bring your guests even closer together over the course of the weekend can make your wedding all the more memorable. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite wedding weekend activities from Nanina’s in the Park.

  1. Rehearsal dinner activity

Before the vast majority of your guests arrive, the Thursday/Friday before the wedding weekend is typically when most couples will hold their rehearsals and the ensuing dinner, but this is a perfect opportunity for an icebreaker or collective activity for all those involved. After the dinner is over and the toasts have been made, consider putting together a bonfire, playing a few interactive games together, or hitting the town to go bar hopping or taking a tour of the area to help foster a closer bond between the members of the wedding party.

  1. Greet your arriving guests

As your guests arrive to the hotel where you have set aside your rooms, greet them with a group activity to help them unwind. Keep things simple and make it easier for your guests to break the ice and start conversations by setting up a few lawn games, or holding a small barbeque or outdoor picnic with some finger foods. Conversely, you can greet your guests with a guide to the local area with activity ideas such as hiking, shopping or tours through the local area.

  1. Post-ceremony drop-in brunch

The post-wedding brunch is a tradition and one your guests will surely appreciate before they hit the road, as most will be tired and worn out from a night of dancing, partying and staying up late. As such, you don’t want your activities to be too intensive, so this could be the perfect opportunity to encourage your guests to share their photos from the night before on social media platforms using your wedding hashtag. If you want to be a bit more elaborate, you can put together a themed activity, such as a scavenger hunt or an old school picnic complete with fun outdoor games that will help your guests unwind.

Last but not least, you can always skip the brunch and encourage your guests to convene one last time for a major activity. A trip to a local baseball game or a short hike at a national park are fabulous solutions that will provide plenty of photo opportunities and one last hurrah for your wedding weekend!

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