Guest Post: What to expect at your wedding dress shopping appointment

Guest Post: What to expect at your wedding dress shopping appointment

Your wedding dress shopping appointment is a special experience as you will be shopping for one of the most important dresses you will ever wear. This appointment will also be entirely different from all the other shopping trips you’ve been on. So, what can you expect and how can you prepare yourself for this all-important appointment?

The bridal team from Best for Bride Toronto in Canada provides an insight into what you can expect at your wedding dress shopping trip and how you can make the most of it.

Most bridal boutiques prefer appointments to walk-ins

We recommend that you book an appointment to enjoy better service from the bridal boutique you visit. Salons prefer appointments to walk-ins so that they can assign a bridal consultant to you. The consultant will devote her time to help you find the right dress, and it will be a productive shopping session. If there are any specific dresses you wish to try on, share this information with the boutique when you book your appointment. This will allow them to keep samples of these dresses ready for your appointment.

You will be asked many questions

Finding the perfect gown that fits your vision from a sea of gowns isn’t easy. To narrow down the choices, your consultant will try to understand more about your wedding and your specific preferences.  Questions typically relate to the venue, wedding theme, personal taste and any particular requirements. So, do your research before you go shopping. Your consultant will also take your body type into account when she chooses gowns for you to try. If you have specific dress styles in mind, take pictures of it to your dress appointment. This will allow her to get a better idea of what you have in mind.

Your consultant will assist you with putting gowns on

Wedding dresses are complex and heavy garments, and you will most likely need the assistance of your consultant to try them on. This can seem awkward, but a good bridal consultant will never make you uncomfortable when you have to strip down to wear a dress. It is a good idea to wear nude undergarments that you don’t mind being seen in. These go well with most dress colors and styles and will allow you to clearly understand the way a dress will look. For more information on what to wear to your appointment, take a look at this article.

Sample dresses are usually in standard sizes

Most bridal stores have limited sample sizes. So, it is unlikely you will find a dress that fits you exactly. Your consultant will usually affix clips to roughly shape a dress to fit your body. It will not give you a perfect fit and the gown may be longer or shorter than you prefer. However, you should still be able to understand how the dress will look on you. Your order will be placed in the closest size that fits your measurement. So, when the actual wedding dress arrives, it will require minimum alterations.

Your consultant may suggest styles you didn’t have in mind

Bridal dress consultants are professional experts who have helped hundreds of brides find their dream dresses. They have the experience to recognize the best wedding dress silhouettes for different body types. A trained consultant has an eye for details, and can recognize whether a dress will look good on a bride even when it lacks “hanger appeal”. So, if your consultant suggests a dress that you aren’t sure about, give it a try. It is possible that you will end up liking it even if the dress is entirely different from what you had in mind.

Wedding dress shopping is exhausting

Some brides are fortunate enough to fall in love with the first dress they try on. Others take longer to find their dress. Wedding dress shopping can be a tedious task for the latter group. Putting on a dress and taking it off is tiresome. So, you can imagine how it will be when you have to do it several times. Bridal appointments typically last an hour. Avoid extending it to try on more dresses. Also, don’t schedule more than two appointments in a single day, even if it is at different boutiques.

Your entourage may make your decision difficult

This is the reason why we ask brides to bring just two or three people along to their appointment. Too many people in a group can lead to too many opinions and cause confusion. Many brides sway to the opinions of their entourage and end up making dress decisions that they later regret. It is important that you aren’t pushed to make a choice that you aren’t satisfied with. Bring only one or two people. They should be those whose opinions matter most to you, and who have your best interests in mind.

Tears do not always happen

Most of the dramatic scenes where the bride and her entourage tear up when she walks down in the ideal wedding dress are only seen on television. It is perfectly natural to not feel too emotional when you find your dress. However, your gut will tell you it is the right choice. A dress that falls within budget and ticks most of the boxes is usually the best you can get. If you find it, put down your order without hesitation. You can then get on with the rest of your wedding tasks.

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