Vintage Details to Use in Your Wedding

Vintage Details to Use in Your Wedding

If you love all things vintage, you’re probably eager to incorporate some fabulous vintage details into your wedding. Lucky for you, weddings are all about blending “something old” with something new. Discover some delightful ways to pay tribute to bygone eras on your day of bliss.  

Vintage Lace

Find some vintage, one-of-a-kind lace online or in an antique shop or thrift store. Look for beautiful patterns that are still white or ivory in spite of their age. You can incorporate vintage lace into your veil or headpiece, or you can use it with boutonnieres, corsages, or bouquets.  

Period Pieces

Search your grandparent’s attic or basement for wonderful, classic pieces. Old milk bottles can be repurposed as table centerpieces for the reception. Your grandmother’s pearl necklace or beautiful brooch could become part of your bouquet.  

Black-and-White Photos

Many antique stores have a selection of black-and-white photos. Dig through these photos to find your favorites, or use copies of old family photos. Place them in vintage frames and use them to add interest to your reception tables, or include a few in your photo montage.  

Vintage Shawls and Wraps

If you’re getting married during the fall or winter, when it’s colder, look through thrift shops or antique shops to find beautiful wraps in good condition. Lovely shawls and vintage wraps can keep you and your bridesmaids warm on the day of the wedding.  

An Antique Birdcage

Purchase an antique birdcage and place a hand-lettered sign near it at the wedding. Your guests can place their cards inside, so it doubles as a card holder and a fascinating piece of vintage decor.  

Classy Invitations

When you’re selecting your invitations, choose a vintage design with elaborate lettering and scrollwork. Use formal wording and thick, quality paper, possibly with additional elements of floral or lace designs.  

Throwback Fashion

Go hippie-chic and deck yourself and your bridesmaids with floral headbands and flowing dresses reminiscent of the sixties, or transform the wedding party into a glamorous group from the Roaring Twenties—think beaded, fringed slip dresses and striped suits. If you’d like a more elegant taste of the Twenties, try some Downton Abbey-inspired looks. You can also rewind to the fifties, in which women’s fashion was shaped by Dior’s 1947 “New Look” collection. Go as bold or as subtle as you like with the vintage styles you love.  

Anything old and beautiful can make a lovely addition to your wedding day, whether it’s a weathered door from an old house as part of your decor, strings of pearls and feathered headbands for the photo booth, or an antique brooch pinned to your garter. Old books, antique lanterns, beautiful vintage glass, weathered wood, and yellowed paper can all come together to create a wedding with a classic richness that you and your guests will love. Explore, use your imagination, and enjoy the result! 

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