Elegant Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Elegant Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

When you’re having a holiday wedding, you want to pay homage to the season while maintaining the unique beauty of your special day. Explore some elegant holiday decor ideas that will keep your reception in the festive spirit while still making the celebration all about you as a couple.  

Hint of the Forest 

Perhaps you love the idea of including natural elements in your reception decor, but you want to keep things neat and elegant, too. Ask your florist to include bits of evergreen and holly among the centerpiece flowers, or fill beautiful ceramic bowls or tall glass vases with a mixture of pine cones, cranberries, and greenery. Polished chunks of wood can serve as stands for pillar candles or bases for candelabra. Green seeded eucalyptus, cedar twigs, red pepperberries, and persimmons all lend themselves well to holiday decor for wedding tables. 

Lights All Aglow 

Lighting is a key element of your wedding decor. Ask your contact at the venue to show you the various types of lighting available in the space if you’re having the reception indoors. For a holiday wedding, choose white and blue for a frosty, winter wonderland atmosphere, or select golden, yellow, or amber hues to give a large ballroom a cozier, more intimate feeling. Often, venues have the ability to project patterns or monograms onto the dance floor; so consider using patterns like snowflakes in the design.  

Candles are a go-to lighting choice for many wedding receptions, but some indoor venues do not allow candles due to fire hazard issues. Instead, you can use electric candles in lanterns or wind twinkle lights around bare tree branches as part of your centerpiece arrangements.  

Pretty Poinsettias 

Want to create a focal point in the room where guests can take photos before, after, or during the reception? Ask your florist to craft a tall Christmas tree from poinsettias! They can be the traditional red and green, or you can use creamy white ones instead to maintain the elegance of your decor.  

A Touch of Velvet 

Velvet is a luxurious material, and when it comes in holiday hues, it’s the perfect blend of comfort and elegance. Incorporate dark green, rich red, deep blue, or pure white velvet into your reception decor with velvet bows on the guests chairs or velvet trimmings for the tables.  

Silver and Gold 

You can’t go wrong with shiny metallic hues! Silver and gold are classic choices for the holidays, and they lend themselves well to a luxurious wedding reception. Brass is an of-the-moment favorite as well; you can find lanterns, candle holders, ribbons, and ornaments featuring this shiny metal.  

If you have chosen a beautiful venue like Nanina’s in the Park, your wedding reception already has the benefit of an elegant setting. With the right holiday decor items, you can enhance the venue and include special touches to make your holiday wedding memorable. Contact Nanina’s in the Park to schedule a tour and gain inspiration for your holiday wedding theme.  

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