How Early Should You Pack for Your Honeymoon?

How Early Should You Pack for Your Honeymoon?

One of the fun parts of getting married is the vacation that follows the big day! Maybe you want to begin packing for your honeymoon right away; or perhaps you’re more of a last-minute traveler who will be stuffing the last items into your suitcase as you drive away from the wedding venue. How early should you pack for your honeymoon? Find out which items need to be prepped months in advance and which ones can wait until right before your wedding day.  

Think Ahead About Passport Needs 

How are you getting to your honeymoon destination? Will you be driving to a luxurious destination not far from your elegant wedding venue, or will you be catching a plane to a faraway spot? If you’re planning to fly within the United States or beyond its borders, you’ll need a REAL ID or a passport. Either one of those documents can take weeks to obtain, so plan ahead and start the process months before you’ll actually need the identification. That way, you won’t be stressing about your travel docs right before the wedding. Once you receive your passport or REAL ID, place it in the purse or carry-on that you plan to take with you. You may also have Visa requirements you need to meet of vaccinations to get, so plan ahead for those as well. 

Purchase Travel-Sized Items Early 

You can start purchasing certain must-have items for your honeymoon long before the big day arrives. If you’re eager to start planning and packing, go ahead and buy your travel toothpaste and toothbrush, a small bag for makeup, and a travel-sized sewing kit. If you plan to fly to your destination, keep in mind for liquid cosmetics. As long as you keep the bottles in your checked suitcase,  you can include items of any size; but any liquids stashed in your purse or carry-on need to be 3.4 ounces or less, contained with a single clear, quart-sized, resealable bag. Don’t forget to include sunscreen! 

Stash the Activity-Related Gear 

Are you planning to ski, surf, climb cliffs, do archery, or enjoy other special activities on your honeymoon? Unless you’re going to engage in those activities before the big day, you can go ahead and pack the supplies and gear you’ll need. For anything that doesn’t fit in your suitcase, check airline regulations and purchase any necessary carry bags  

Stow Away Your Lingerie and Nightwear 

As a bride, you’re probably planning to wow your new spouse with some gorgeous lingerie. As long as your size doesn’t change dramatically in the weeks before the wedding, you can buy and pack these items well in advance. Stash your teddy, chemise, nightgown, or lingerie sets in a safe area of your suitcase, far from pointy heels or other items that could snag and ruin them. You may wish to wrap your delicates in another cloth or in tissue paper to protect them for the honeymoon.  

Break In Your Honeymoon Shoes 

If you’re going to buy shoes for your honeymoon, purchase them at least a few weeks before the big trip. You don’t want to be suffering from blisters as you’re walking the streets of a beach town or trekking through the European countryside; so you’ll need to wear the shoes a few times to break them in. Once you’ve worn them until they’re comfortable, you can go ahead and place them in your suitcase. Follow USA Today’s tips for efficiently packing shoes; you can even stuff them with other small items if you need to conserve space in your bag.  

Pack Your Clothes 

There’s no rule that you have to buy new clothes for your honeymoon. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, as long as you’re comfortable and you like the way you look, that’s all that matters. However, it can be fun to buy a few new outfits for the occasion. If you’re in the middle of a pre-wedding weight loss program, wait until a week or two before the wedding to purchase those new clothes. Otherwise, feel free to buy them and pack them as far in advance as you like.  

Include Last-Minute Items 

On the morning of your wedding, run through your final packing checklist to ensure you have everything you need. If you wear glasses or contacts, add an extra pair of those to the suitcase, along with any other items that you couldn’t pack till the last minute. With your bags packed, you’re fully prepared for your wedding day and the honeymoon to follow! Remember, anytime you need help with wedding details, feel free to contact the wedding experts at Nanina’s in the Park for helpful advice.  

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