Winter Bridesmaids Dress Trends

Winter Bridesmaids Dress Trends

Are you planning a whirlwind winter wedding for 2018? Whether your nuptials are happening this year or next winter, here are the winter bridesmaids’ dress trends we’re loving right now. Explore these of-the-moment options and see which ones might be right for your winter wedding! 

Cold Shoulders 

Bare shoulders are in, and there are dozens of ways you can try this trend! However, you may want to look for warmer, long-sleeved styles with peekaboo shoulders, so your bridesmaids won’t freeze on the wedding day.  

Try the one-shoulder look, or get rid of those shoulder straps altogether and bring out each bridesmaid’s inner gypsy with total off-the-shoulder styles. Shop for bare-shoulder options that embrace the trend while enhancing the atmosphere of your wedding.  

Deep Rose Hues 

Blush is still a popular color for bridesmaids; but richer rose hues are slowly gaining the edge. These lush pinks lean further towards the red and purple parts of the spectrum and are ideal for winter weddings. Designers favored this hue in their collections of bridesmaids’ dresses for 2019! 

Two-Piece Options 

Practicality is a priority for today’s bridesmaids— because who wants to spend money on a dress she’ll only wear once? When you pick two-piece outfits, like a stunning tulle skirt with a lace top, your bridesmaids will be able to wear the outfit again or mix and match with pieces they already own after the wedding is over. 

Using separates for your wedding also gives bridesmaids the option to stay in the color scheme while choosing styles that are flattering to them. To allow more freedom of style choice, select the skirt that all your girls will wear, and let them choose a top from an approved selection.  

Luxurious Capes 

Whether you choose the same dress style for everyone or allow them to mix and match, you can unify the look by having the girls wear matching capes, wraps, or jackets. Warmth and style— it’s a win-win! 

Capes are hot for winter brides in 2018 and 2019, and the trend works well for bridesmaids, too. Look for capes that your girls can wrap securely around their upper arms, leaving shoulders bare if they like.  

Tiers and Overlays 

Tiered skirts and gauzy materials are surprise favorites for winter bridesmaids. Fabrics with an airy quality, like chiffon or tulle, serve as the perfect overlay, lightening the look of heavier materials.  

Try these gauzy materials in a tiered style for an extra dose drama! Trust the trend— those lightweight layers will move like magic on the dance floor! 

Long Slits 

Do you want to keep your bridesmaids’ legs warm enough, while still giving your winter wedding that glamorous edge? Good news— long slits are in style!  

Slits allow for extra material and warmth, while permitting a flash of bare skin now and again. Be sure the slits are tastefully placed and not so dramatic that they distract from your own outfit.  

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