Interesting Ways to Present the Rings During the Ceremony

Interesting Ways to Present the Rings During the Ceremony

Traditionally, it has always been the best man who is in charge of safeguarding the rings and safely handing them off to the bride and groom at the altar. Over the years, we have seen a shift in this tradition where couples have been getting pretty creative when it comes to their way to present the rings. Sure, some couples might choose a way that ties into the theme of their wedding, but others wish to have a sentimental or out-of-the box twist. Nonetheless, this element of their ceremony is a moment they can design to completely fit their personalities. 


Father of the Groom: 

Including the father of the groom in this special ceremony is one way to validate how truly special he has been in both the bride’s and groom’s lives. Especially if the father of the bride is given the honor of walking his daughter down the aisle and ‘giving her away’, this can allow both the bride and groom to have special moments with their fathers on their wedding day. Providing this moment for the father of the groom to share with the couple grants a sense of balance in the involvement of both families. 



Whether they are your own children, a family member or friend, having a youngster walk your wedding rings down the aisle makes for many smiles and melted hearts. Giving a child this special task makes them feel included and important on your big day. It also will provide the guests with an opportunity for laughs if something is done unexpectedly, also providing cuteness overload. It is important to note that as cute as these kiddos can be, they may be a bit rambunctious or reckless, so making sure that the rings are safely secured while being carried down the aisle is a smart move to make! 


Fur Babies: 

For most unmarried couples, pets are their children and they love them just as much as they would human kids. To see any animal walking down the aisle is just fantastic, but even more so when there is a miniature outfit involved. Dressing up your furry friend to carry the rings will certainly have them stealing the show for a few moments, but will also make for long lasting memories. 


Flying Rings: 

Looking for a way to have your ceremony really stand out? What has a more elegant presence than having your rings flown in by majestic doves? Or maybe you are more of an outdoorsy couple who would prefer to incorporate the grace of an owl or eagle? Nonetheless, having your rings flown in will be sure to have guests oohing and ahhing and will make for a magical and memorable moment. 


However the couple chooses to present the rings, it is important to make sure that this significant detail of the ceremony is meaningful and special for both the bride and groom; making it a moment that lasts a lifetime. 

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