Essential Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

Essential Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

As you begin planning your wedding, you need one very important person by your side—and we’re not talking about your soon-to-be spouse. The wedding planner is the expert who takes some of the stress off your shoulders, gives you the support you need, and serves as the solutions provider if anything goes wrong.

With all this responsibility resting on the wedding coordinator, it’s vital that you choose him or her carefully. Here are some essential questions to ask a wedding planner before you make your final decision.

How much do you charge?

Talk about money. Find out whether the planner charges a percentage of the total budget, a flat fee, or an hourly rate. Are there additional fees for travel or other hidden expenses? Ask about the deposit amount and find out when it is due.

Are you available on my preferred wedding dates?

You should have a few possible wedding dates in mind—unless you’ve already secured a venue, in which case your wedding date may already be set in stone. Ask the wedding planner about his or her availability on your preferred weekends or on the specific day you’ve chosen.

How much involvement will you have?

Some wedding planners accompany the bride or groom to fittings, mail the invitations, and meet with vendors. Others extend their services to planning the rehearsal dinner, after-party, or other wedding weekend events. Ask for a comprehensive list of all the services provided and the tasks that your wedding coordinator plans to accomplish on your behalf.

What am I responsible for?

It’s best to clarify up front exactly what you are responsible for, as the bride or groom. That way, no important pieces of the wedding plan fall through the gaps. If possible, choose a wedding planner who is happy to be involved in every aspect of the event, so you’ll have less to worry about.

 How do you prefer to communicate?

You need a wedding planner who is responsive, resourceful, and reliable. You’ll need to discuss communication methods, reasonable timetables for responses and action items, and related details. Talk about whether you’ll communicate primarily through email, over the phone, via text, or in some other way.

May I have a list of references or former clients?

You’ve probably already checked out the planner’s reviews and ratings online. If not, go ahead and look for that information. You should also ask the wedding coordinator for a list of references, so you can confirm that this person is capable of handling your event.

How will you work with the venue team?

Many high-profile venues like Nanina’s in the Park have an on-site team, catering staff, and vendor partnerships. Make sure that the wedding planner you choose is willing to work seamlessly with the venue staff to coordinate all the event details.

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