Fall Honeymoon Ideas

Fall Honeymoon Ideas

So you’re having a fall wedding? Autumn is rich with beautiful natural color, so it’s an ideal time to plan a colorful, festive event like your wedding. And of course, after the wedding comes the vacation! Check out our list of fall honeymoon ideas that are sure to make you say, “I do!”

Beach Resort

If you’re dreading the onset of cold weather, why not use your honeymoon as an opportunity to cheat the season and skip away to a luxurious beach resort? The Maldives, Fiji, Botswana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, the Seychelles, and the Bahamas are just a few locales were you can enjoy beachside fun and luxe hotel benefits in the same spot.

With thousands of beach resorts all over the world, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget. Be sure that the hotel and surrounding area includes the extras you and your spouse are looking for, whether that’s couples’ massage or deep-sea fishing.

Cabin Retreat

If you don’t mind the chillier weather, you could always stay close to home and find a cozy cabin in the mountains were you can spend your first week or two as a married couple.

Some couples prefer the raw, rustic experience, complete with total isolation and plenty of wilderness around. Others prefer a cabin retreat that’s packed with extras, like a hot tub, entertainment system, fireplace, speedy Wi-Fi, and more.

If you’re a couple that likes to get out and get active, choose a cabin with plenty of trails, horseback riding, white-water rafting, or rock-climbing options nearby. Or switch it up and locate yourselves near entertainment hubs that offer shows, dining, shopping, arcades, and other fun choices.

Dream City

Is there a city you’ve always dreamed of visiting? London, perhaps? Tokyo or Venice? Dubai or Los Angeles? Your honeymoon is your chance to claim that destination and enjoy all it has to offer.

Talk with your spouse about the benefits and drawbacks of each location. Find out about lodging, transportation, and meal costs, and decide whether you’d rather use a vacation planning service or handle the arrangements on your own.

If you’re headed for a non-English-speaking country, take time to learn some basic phrases in the native language, and hire an interpreter if necessary. You’ll also need to brush up on the customs and norms for the city you’ll be visiting, so you don’t offend the people who live and work there every day.

Tour of a Country

Maybe you’ve been longing to visit not just a single city but an entire country. Morocco enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine every year, so it’s the perfect escape from chilly fall weather. With boutique resorts, fascinating villages, delicious food, and ancient landmarks, it’s a lovely place to pass a week or two.

Other popular countries to tour in the fall include Greece, Egypt,  Italy, Thailand, and Singapore. Again, be sure to familiarize yourself with the customs and attractions of the country you’re visiting, well in advance of your trip.

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