Your Guide to the Most Popular Wedding Gifts

Your Guide to the Most Popular Wedding Gifts

If you recently got engaged and are starting to daydream about the wonderful gifts you might be receiving on the big day, you are not alone! Getting the gifts you want on your wedding day means that you’ll have to register for them, so it’s only right that you put some thought into it in advance. But where do you even begin? The good news is that we are here to help, so keep reading to learn more about the most popular wedding gifts!

Kitchen Utensils & Tupperware

This might seem hard to believe, but a KitchenAid stand mixer and Tupperware pieces are actually top 10 on most lists of popular wedding gifts. While these tend to be given at a shower, if you register for them, you might end up receiving them on the big day. Which is great because both are extremely useful to have and people often don’t like to spend the money themselves on the purchase.


A vacuum doesn’t seem like a top-notch wedding gift, but it is usually at the top of the list. Good vacuums can be expensive, and people usually don’t like to spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning equipment. However, when getting married and purchasing a house, a good vacuum is essential. Robot vacuums also find themselves on this list, because they are convenient and great for people with pets and kids.

Personalized Gifts

Another popular wedding gift is personalized items. This can come in many forms, from keepsake items to clothing to décor. It is a nice touch because it was personalized by one of the guests. It is great to get a mix of gifts from the registry link and adding items that have personal significance to you. While you hope that guests don’t go too crazy to purchase a gift, simple things like customized champagne flutes or an engraved frame for wedding pictures are always nice.


They say cash is king, and for a wedding, this is certainly true. Couples spend a lot of money hosting a magnificent day and it’s always nice to give them a little cash to help them start their life together. However, if you feel it’s tacky asking for cash directly, you can consider sharing a link to your honeymoon fund. There are websites that let you add in things like your flights, hotel, and excursions, and guests can donate money to them. This is a nice touch beyond simply asking for cash, and it is money that you would be spending, anyway.

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