Should You Change Between the Wedding and the Reception?

Should You Change Between the Wedding and the Reception?

Are you debating whether to change your outfit between the wedding ceremony and the reception? This is becoming a trend for modern brides, as there are actually many benefits to switching things up during your special day. Whatever you decide will be right for you, but there is certainly no shame in wearing two outfits if that is what you choose to do. If you are still on the fence, keep reading for the benefits of changing your wedding outfit between the ceremony and reception.

1) You Will Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Many brides decide to preserve their wedding dress, so it retains its original beauty. This is especially important if you plan to hand your wedding dress down to the next generation. By changing out of your wedding dress into another outfit, you can ensure that your dress remains pristine and will preserve nicely. During the reception, drinks are usually flowing and often spilling! That can spell disaster for a wedding dress.

2) It Allows You to Feature Another Fashion Look

Another benefit of changing between the wedding and reception is that it allows you to feature another stunning look. If you were struggling to choose between outfits, this allows you to purchase and feature both on your wedding day. Plus, you are sure to wow your guests with a wardrobe change.

3) It Can Give You More Freedom to Dance

Wedding dresses are beautiful, but they can also be ornate and extravagant. While it makes you look like a rockstar on the big day, it can make it difficult to dance your heart out on the dance floor. If you want to have the big beautiful princess wedding dress that you’ve always dreamed of and still have the freedom to break it down on the dance floor, changing between the wedding and reception is a good idea.

4) It Adds Diversity to Your Wedding Photos

Another benefit of changing between the wedding ceremony and the reception is that it adds some diversity to your wedding photos. You can have amazing pictures from your ceremony and reception with you in not one but two outfits! Plus, you can wear new shoes and accessories too and really spice up your look.

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