Four Reasons to Choreograph Your First Dance

Four Reasons to Choreograph Your First Dance

If you are getting married and starting to plan the smaller details, you might start thinking about your first dance. The thought of whether to choreograph your first dance might cross your mind. There are certainly benefits of choreographing your first dance, so it is worth considering. Keep reading for four reasons why you should consider choreographing your first dance.

1) Less Stress

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choreograph your first dance is that you will be less stressed. Many couples worry about their first dance so much that they do not even enjoy themselves. When you choreograph your first dance, it means you spend time practicing. That takes away all the worries of what will happen when the song starts playing, so you can just dance.

2) Impress Your Guests

Another reason to choreograph your first dance is that it will impress your guests. Many couples do not choreograph their first dance and just hold each other as they slowly make their way around the dance floor. When you choreograph your first dance, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Your guests will be wowed as they watch your fancy footwork on the dance floor, and it will create even more memories for them.

3) It Looks Great in a Wedding Video

Choreographing your first dance is the perfect way to capture some magical photos and videos! With you and your partner tearing up the dance floor with your choreographed moves, you will create some great footage that your videographer can include in your wedding video. That means you can cherish it for decades to come!

4) You’ll Have Something To Concentrate On

Another benefit of choreographing your first dance is that it helps you keep your mind off of everyone watching you. When you have a choreographed first dance at your wedding, every beat and every step will be filled with specific dance moves. It gives you something to focus on. Instead of swaying back and forth in circles for three minutes—which can seem like an eternity when all eyes are on you—you will be dancing through your routine.

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