Should Your Wedding Attendant Dresses Be The Exact Same?

Should Your Wedding Attendant Dresses Be The Exact Same?

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is making sure that everyone’s attire goes together! For many brides, that means having your bridesmaids choose the same dresses to wear. That is a tradition that has been carried down for generations, but in the era of modern weddings, does that have to be the case? Keep reading for tips on choosing wedding attendant dresses.

Do Wedding Attendant Dresses Need To Be The Exact Same?

The simple answer is no! This used to be a tradition, but in modern times, couples are giving their wedding attendants a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing attendant dresses. The general style and color palette can be shared along with anything the couple would like all the dresses to adhere to.

Give Your Attendants Total Freedom

One option for wedding attendant dresses is to give them complete and total freedom to choose their dresses. That means letting them choose the material, color, and style. For certain weddings or couples that do not care about everyone matching, this is a great option. It allows for everyone in the wedding party to choose the attire that makes them feel the best.

Consider Dresses In The Same Hue Or Color Palette

For some couples, giving complete freedom to their attendants is too stressful. Or, perhaps you have an aesthetic in mind and mismatched colors and dresses don’t fit into that. If that is the case, it’s okay! Another option is to give your attendants some direction in regard to color. You can tell them it needs to be a specific color, like blue. You can also give them a bit more freedom and tell them to choose a pastel bridesmaid dress or a dress in a fall color palette. These are great options to provide flexibility for someone to choose a dress that fits them great while still vibing with your wedding aesthetic.

Offer Dresses Of The Same Style

Another option when it comes to wedding attendant dresses is telling them the general style of the bridesmaid dress that you are looking for. That could be a certain length or one with elements of lace in it. Giving a bit of direction or even some inspirational pictures is a great way to give your wedding attendants a bit of freedom.

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