The Latest Trends In Male Wedding Attendant Attire

The Latest Trends In Male Wedding Attendant Attire

This year, male wedding attire is taking a turn from the traditional tux. Instead, you will see trends that focus much more on style that’s rich in personality, color, and individuality. As we bid farewell to the cookie-cutter “penguin suit” aesthetics, we instead turn to some fresh trends that are turning heads in 2023. Keep reading to learn more about the latest trends in male wedding attendant attire!

Cool Colors

This year, we’re seeing a shift towards color. While the classic black, navy, and gray are still around and are great options, grooms and their attendants are going for bolder shades. Think hues like forest green, burgundy, and even vibrant blues. You don’t have to stick to the classics to look good. Choose a color that complements the wedding theme and shows off your unique style.

Pattern Play

Who said groomsmen’s attire has to be solid? In the past this was always the case, but in 2023 and beyond we expect to see a lot more plaids, checks, and even florals making their way into the wedding scene. If the thought of a full pattern is too much, you can instead go for a patterned tie or pocket square for a subtle touch of trendiness or pop of festive color.

Accessorize Like A Pro

The details matter and that’s where accessories come in. Think personalized cufflinks, trendy suspenders, and chic pocket squares. You can also go for nice watches or accessorize with classic sunglasses for an outdoor wedding. And don’t forget those cool statement socks! Show off your personality and flair with little touches.

Texture Makes A Statement

You don’t have to go for standard suits or tuxes for your male wedding attendant attire anymore. In fact, velvet, corduroy, and tweed are back in style and how! Different fabrics add a layer of depth and sophistication to the look, making your squad stand out. Just keep in mind the time of year, temperature, and where your wedding will be taking place when choosing attire. Making your groomsmen attend a mid-afternoon outdoor wedding in July wearing a thick velvet or corduroy suit might not be the best option!

Skip Formal For Casual

For the less formal affair, consider the “smart casual” trend. Think chinos with a nice shirt, a casual blazer, and some sharp loafers. You don’t have to go completely formal for your wedding attendants to look good! This more relaxed look is perfect for outdoor weddings or beachside nuptials.

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