Wedding Industry Terms That You Need To Know

Wedding Industry Terms That You Need To Know

We all know that planning a wedding can feel like learning a new language. All these wedding industry terms can leave your head spinning. From golden hour to officiant, there are plenty of wedding terms that you might not be familiar with. But don’t stress yourself out because we are here to help you decode the wedding lingo! Keep reading to learn more wedding industry terms so you can communicate effectively with your vendors.

Venue Vocabulary

When you go check out your venue, the location where your wedding takes place, there are plenty of terms that might throw you for a loop. These include:

  • Capacity: The maximum number of guests a venue can hold.
  • Open Bar: A bar setup where guests don’t have to pay for their drinks.
  • Corkage: The fee some venues charge for serving alcohol you’ve brought in yourself.
  • Wedding Coordinator: The person from the venue who manages the day of coordination.

Photography Phrases

There might also be some phrases that your photographer mutters that can confuse you. These include:

  • First Look: A moment set aside for the couple to see each other before the ceremony.
  • Golden Hour: The hour before sunset or after sunrise, known for its ideal lighting for photos.
  • Shot List: A list of specific photos that a couple wants their photographer to capture.

Floral Fundamentals

When you are talking to your florist, terms to know include:

  • Boutonniere: A small floral decoration worn by the groom and other important male guests.
  • Corsage: A small bouquet worn on the wrist or lapel by the mothers and grandmothers of the couple.
  • Arbor: A structure often adorned with flowers and greenery under which the ceremony takes place.
  • Garland: A band or chain of flowers, leaves, or other types of foliage.

More Must-Know Terms

While the terms above a good to know for certain vendors, there are others to keep in mind. These include:

  •  Save the Date: An informal note sent out to tell guests when and where the wedding will be.
  • S.V.P: It stands for the French phrase meaning “please respond”.
  • Registry: A list of gifts the couple would like to receive.
  • Officiant: The person who performs the wedding ceremony.

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