Managing Food Allergies At Your Wedding

Managing Food Allergies At Your Wedding

It’s your big day! The rings are gleaming, the venue’s breathtaking, the dress is perfect, and the food is delicious. A well-set table is one of the hallmarks of a great wedding. But amidst the aromatic pasta, delicious spreads, and tantalizing desserts, there’s one thing that could put a wrench in your food plans – food allergies. Don’t fret, we’ve got some tips on how to handle food allergies at your wedding.


Your wedding invitations are more than just pretty paper. They are a perfect opportunity to gather information about your guests’ dietary needs. Consider including a section where guests can detail any food allergies. This simple step sets the groundwork for an allergy-friendly menu and informs you of any allergies you need to work around or provide alternatives for.

The Caterer

Once you’ve collected this essential information, it’s time to chat with your caterer. An experienced caterer can accommodate a variety of dietary needs without compromising taste or presentation. This is where your knowledge of guests’ allergies proves invaluable. If there are several food allergies to deal with, you can also provide a special menu alternative for each of those guests.

Variety In Your Menu

The best way to ensure everyone has something to enjoy is to provide a variety of dishes for your wedding menu. Cater to all by including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegetarian options in your spread. Make sure that this food is either clearly marked or set off from the other food options, so your guests can easily find the food that is perfect for them.

Labels – Clear, Concise, And Allergy-Conscious

Consider labeling each dish clearly, indicating any common allergens it might contain. For buffet style dinners, be sure to clearly denote any food allergies that might be an issue with certain items. For example, if it’s creamy mac n’ cheese, note that it has gluten and/or dairy. However, if you are doing a plated dinner, you will need to be sure that guests with food allergies get meals that accommodate their needs. You might consider having allergies marked at their seats, if necessary, to ensure that anyone with an allergy stays safe.


Your thoughtfulness doesn’t need to stop at the dining table. When choosing wedding favors, consider options that are allergy-friendly, like non-food gifts or allergen-free treats. Your guests will appreciate being able to take home a favor that they can enjoy!

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