Crafting A Memorable Bachelorette Party

Crafting A Memorable Bachelorette Party

Ladies, it’s the last hoorah before she embarks on the marital journey. But who says a bachelorette party has to be rambunctious and risqué? Let’s stir up some ideas for wholesome, unforgettable, and totally fabulous bachelorette parties. Keep reading to learn more from the wedding experts at Nanina’s In The Park on how to plan the perfect bachelorette party!

Spa Retreat

Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? Arrange a day at a local spa. Facials, massages, and mani-pedis offer a perfect blend of relaxation and girl-time gossip. To take things a bit further, book a long weekend out of town at a spa and truly pamper yourselves.

Glamping Adventure

Glamorous camping, aka “glamping,” combines the fresh air of camping with the luxury of a hotel suite. You can chat around a cozy fire with glasses of champagne without giving up your creature comforts! Or you can take things a step further and have an “unplugged” camping adventure where you truly just connect with each other and nature!

Culinary Journey

For the foodie, consider a cooking class or wine tasting. You could even organize a private gourmet dinner cooked by a personal chef. The options here are endless, so be sure to include the person of honor in the decision-making!

Dance The Night Away

What about a dance class? From salsa to hip hop to belly dancing, it’s a great way to bond and have a lot of fun. Plus, you might learn some new moves for the wedding reception. You can even take things a step further by booking a dance class out of town. That way you won’t encounter anyone you know while learning how to do the merengue.

Artistic Strokes

Unleash the creative flair within your group with a pottery class, painting workshop, or DIY crafting session. Not only will you get to enjoy some wine or champagne and have some fun, but everyone also gets a memento to take home!

 Wellness Weekend

Yoga retreat, anyone? A few days filled with meditation, healthy eating, and re-energizing could be just the ticket for pre-wedding relaxation. Plan something in town or out of town and allow yourselves to get re-centered and ready for the big day.

A Whirlwind Of Fun Awaits At Nanina’s In The Park

If you’re dreaming of a timeless, romantic setting, Nanina’s In The Park is the perfect venue. Our stunning venue showcases breathtaking gardens, and a grand ballroom radiating elegance. And, our dedicated wedding experts are at your disposal, making sure every detail of your big day is picture-perfect. Now that you’re equipped with exciting bachelorette party ideas, it’s time to secure your dream wedding venue. Contact Nanina’s In The Park today to reserve your date or schedule a tour to learn more about what we have to offer. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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