Is A Wedding After Party For You?

Is A Wedding After Party For You?

Heard the latest buzz in the wedding world? No, it’s not about rings, dresses, or venues. We’re talking after parties! The celebrations that begin after the formalities end, where guests can let their hair down, take the heels off, and truly enjoy. You might be thinking that sounds just like the reception, but it’s not quite the same thing. Keep reading to dive into why having an after-party might be what your wedding day needs.

The Night’s Still Young

All guests might not want to party into the wee hours at the reception. For those who want to keep the good time going, an after-party can be a perfect way to transition from formal to casual, while still being in the festive mood. An after-party can also give you the opportunity for an outfit change, if you had a few looks you wanted to try as the night went on.

Venue Curfew

Many venues (especially the historic ones) have time restrictions. If your heart’s set on a venue with an early cut-off, an after-party can ensure the party doesn’t stop prematurely. You can determine when looking at venues if you can have an onsite after party, or if you need to transition to another location.

Casual Vibes

The formal setting of a wedding can sometimes make it hard to relax. The newlyweds might feel the need to be everywhere all at once, making sure their guests are having a good time, the dance floor is packed, and checking in with relatives and friends. An after-party, in a relaxed setting, can be the place for intimate conversations, genuine laughter, and dance-offs!

Destination Weddings/Out-Of-Town Guests

If guests have traveled from afar, they might be looking for more than just a ceremony and reception. After-parties can be a wonderful way to extend the festivities and make the journey merrier. Plus, if you’re at an all-inclusive venue, you can keep the party going at no extra cost!


If you’re sold on having an after party, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to planning.

Location is key! This could be a swanky bar, a friend’s backyard, a beach shack, or even a rented party bus. Just ensure it’s relatively close to the reception venue to make it easy for guests. Whether you’re keeping it intimate or inviting all your guests, it’s a good idea to send a heads up so they can pace themselves. These don’t have to be formal invites, an email or text works too! No need for a full-blown buffet, but some snacks and drinks will keep everyone energized. There are venues that have after-party menu options, as well, to seamlessly transition from reception time to beyond.

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