Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

Should You Have An Unplugged Wedding?

In an age where moments are often viewed through the lens of a smartphone camera, the concept of an unplugged wedding – where guests are asked to put away their devices – is gaining traction. The idea is to encourage your guests to be truly present and enjoy the moment, rather than viewing it through a screen. But is an unplugged wedding right for you? Keep reading to explore the pros and cons of an unplugged wedding.

The Case For An Unplugged Wedding

An unplugged wedding ensures that your guests are fully present during your ceremony and reception. Without the distractions of phones and cameras, they can engage with everyone around them and savor the moment. This can also be great for your professional photographer, who won’t have to navigate around a sea of smartphones to capture the perfect shot. Plus, there’s a certain charm to seeing faces, not devices, when you look out to your loved ones during your vows.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

While the idea of an unplugged wedding sounds great, asking guests to disconnect entirely can have its drawbacks. Some guests may appreciate the opportunity to snap their own photos and feel a sense of disappointment if that’s taken away. In today’s social media-driven world, sharing moments in real-time is part and parcel of how many experience joy and celebration. There’s also the aspect of immediacy; your professional photos will take time to come back, while guests’ photos are instant keepsakes.

Finding A Middle Ground

If you’re torn, consider a compromise. Have an unplugged ceremony but allow guests to use their devices during the reception. This way, you ensure the solemnity of your vows remains undisturbed while also allowing guests the freedom to capture fun, candid moments at the party afterwards. Informing guests of your wishes through tasteful signage or a note in the program can be an effective way to communicate your preferences.

Communicating Your Wishes

If you decide to go unplugged, communication is key. Make your wishes known clearly but politely, either through your invitations, wedding website, or signage at the venue. You can explain your reasoning in a way that makes guests feel involved in the experience, rather than restricted.

Plan Your Dream Wedding At Nanina’s In The Park

Deciding whether to have an unplugged wedding is ultimately a personal choice that reflects your vision for your day. Choosing to disconnect can be a great way to encourage guests—and yourself—to truly celebrate the moment, but only you and your partner know what the right decision is! As you think about this and the other small details of your wedding, keep in mind that the perfect venue plays a crucial role in bringing your vision to life. Nanina’s In The Park is a great option for any type of wedding, unplugged or otherwise. Our dedicated team of wedding coordinators can help create a wedding experience that’s true to your style and preferences. Contact us today and take the first step towards a memorable and unique celebration.

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