A Timeline For Life After The ‘I Do’

A Timeline For Life After The ‘I Do’

After the heartfelt vows and celebrations, newlyweds find themselves at the beginning of a new chapter. This transition into married life involves several important steps, from expressing gratitude to preserving precious memories. Not sure where to get started? Keep reading to explore a practical timeline for handling post-wedding tasks such as thank you cards, name changes, finished photos, and more!

Sending Thank You Cards

The first step in post-wedding etiquette is sending out thank you cards. While you technically have a year to send these, ideally, these should be sent within two to three months of the wedding day. Be sure to personalize each note to reflect the gift or support received and show appreciation for the thoughtfulness of your guests and their presence during your big day.

Navigating The Name Change Process

If you choose to change your name, you should start the process shortly after receiving your marriage certificate. The procedure can vary by location but generally involves updating your Social Security card, driver’s license, passport, and bank accounts. Organize a checklist and tackle one item at a time. Although it might seem daunting, this step marks a significant milestone in your new life together.

Collecting Your Wedding Photos

Photographs are a gateway back to your special day, and receiving your wedding album is a highly anticipated event. Typically, wedding photographers will have your photos ready within six to eight weeks post-wedding, but sometimes they are available sooner. Once you receive them, take the time to go through the images together, select your favorites for printing and sharing. You can even create a beautiful album or a digital slideshow to share with friends and family or gift to your parents during the upcoming holidays.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Your wedding dress is a symbol of your special day. To ensure it remains in pristine condition, consider having it professionally cleaned and preserved within six months of your wedding. This process involves meticulous cleaning techniques suited to the material of your dress and safe storage methods that prevent aging, discoloration, and damage. Preserving your dress allows you to keep a physical reminder of your day that you can cherish. Doing this can even enable you to pass your dress down to future generations!

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