Inclusivity for Extended Relatives

Inclusivity for Extended Relatives

Weddings are memorable occasions that bring families together, often including extended relatives who may not have seen each other for some time. While it’s traditional to have close family and friends as part of the wedding party, there are other thoughtful ways to involve extended relatives in your celebration so you can make sure they feel valued and included. Keep reading for some ideas on how to make your wedding day special for every family member!

Assign Special Roles

Extended relatives can play unique roles in your wedding that go beyond the typical bridesmaid or groomsman duties. Consider these roles to keep relatives engaged:

  • Ceremony Readers: Invite them to read a passage, poem, or religious text during your ceremony. This role is perfect for relatives who can project their voice and have a presence that commands attention.
  • Greeters and Ushers: They can welcome guests and help them find their seats, making them feel immediately part of the celebration. This is a great task for relatives who are outgoing and enjoy interacting with people.
  • Guest book Attendants: Ask them to manage the guest book area, encouraging attendees to sign and perhaps explaining how to use any interactive elements like a video guest book.

As you can see, there are many roles that you can ask extended family members to fill to ensure they feel included in the big day!

Incorporate Family Heritage

Including family heritage on your wedding day can also enhance the connection extended relatives feel. If your family has a rich cultural heritage, invite relatives to perform a traditional dance or sing a song during the reception. This not only highlights their importance but also honors your family’s traditions.

You can also create a food station at the reception that features favorite family recipes. This is a great way to involve relatives, by allowing them to share a piece of family culinary heritage with all the guests.

Create a Family Photo Tribute

Set up a family photo display featuring pictures of weddings from previous generations or family milestones. This project can be managed by a few different relatives who gather photos, create the display, and then explain the significance to other guests at the wedding. It’s a meaningful way to connect everyone’s individual stories to your celebration.

Host Your Family Affair at Nanina’s In The Park!

By considering these inclusive approaches, you not only enhance the celebration but also reinforce family bonds, making your wedding day memorable for every guest. At Nanina’s In The Park, we’re committed to helping you create a day where everyone feels honored and cherished. Our venue boasts versatile spaces and stunning grounds, making it the perfect venue to accommodate all these roles and activities. Whether hosting a large wedding or a more intimate gathering, Nanina’s provides the flexibility and beauty that ensure every relative feels part of something extraordinary. Contact us to explore more about how we can assist in planning your inclusive, unforgettable wedding

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