Planning The Perfect Outdoor Wedding at Nanina’s

While Nanina’s renovated interior provides endless options for your wedding ceremony, once the Cherry Blossoms start to flower, our grounds can make for a perfect location for your wedding.  Just imagine: saying your vows surrounded by the beauty of nature and your family and friends.  But before rushing into an outdoor wedding, here are some aspects to consider to ensure your big day goes perfectly.

  • Your Guests: As beautiful as it might be outside, as we near the Summer months, the heat from the sun can make your guests uncomfortable.  Keep them cool by having ushers pass out ice-cold bottles of water and consider printing your wedding program on a fan that can be used throughout the ceremony.
  • Rain: The perennial enemy of outdoor wedding, intemperate weather can be quite the threat to a successful ceremony.  This is why choosing a facility like Nanina’s that has a fully functional indoor space can save you from last-minute weather emergencies.
  • The Reception: While getting married amongst the trees and flowers on our grounds provides an unforgettable scene for your wedding, holding the reception indoors can be a good idea to give your guests a break from the heat while letting them help themselves to Nanina’s famous gourmet food.
  • Sound: When getting married outside, there is more external noise to battle against.  Nanina’s has a sound system that can help you make sure that everyone at your wedding will hear your vows.
  • Decorations: While our grounds provide an ideal environment in which to get married, there’s nothing wrong with helping nature to look a little more elegant.  Consider setting up a stage covered in flowers or use an arch or trellis to put the focus on the bride and groom.

An outdoor wedding at Nanina’s can make for the ideal background as long as you make sure these few steps are met.  As always, our team of wedding experts will help you to navigate these potential hurdles and make sure your outdoor wedding is the one you’ve been dreaming of!

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