What Are the Most Popular Spring Flowers for 2015?

Flowers are as indicative of spring as the beach is to summer, so if you’re holding your wedding during this idyllic season, floral arrangements should be a major factor in your decorative scheme. Of course, purchasing flowers in-season is a great way to save money, and there are countless spring blooms that could be perfect for your bouquets, centerpieces and other pieces of décor. Let’s explore some of the most popular spring flower choices.


  1. Foxglove

Foxgloves are fabulous accent flowers that can pull together the look of an arrangement as well as adding depth and texture. These odorless flowers grow like thimbles clustered along a tall spike and the interior of the blooms feature freckles that add a compelling charm. They can be found in peach, pink, purple, and ivory to pair with your décor.


  1. Lilacs

These flowers are highly fragrant and grow in bunches of tiny blossoms that would look right at home in a wedding reception centerpiece or as a final touch to a bride’s bouquet. These flowers come in shades of purple, red and white and lend themselves very well to large, eye-catching arrangements.


  1. Viburnum

While they are often confused with hydrangeas, viburnum flowers are often called “snowball viburnum” for their densely packed florets that resemble the shape of a snowball. Ideally, these flowers are best in the early spring, as their prices go up after April when they begin to become out-of-season, but they are a dazzling option that can work in a number of capacities.


  1. Peonies

Peony blossoms are one of the most idyllic images of spring, and this popular bloom is readily available and can be incorporated into décor, centerpieces and bouquets alike. The flowers are known for their high petal counts that can help them last much longer than other flowers and they can be found in white, pink, garnet or red. These flowers are known to represent a happy life or a happy marriage, so this is certainly great karma to bring along on your special day!

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