Five Easy Party Games to Liven Up Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to most wedding receptions, entertainment options are limited to a DJ or band and socializing with your fellow guests, but throwing an extra wrinkle into the mix to keep your group engaged can make your bash all the more memorable. Check out the following party games to see if they may fit into the style of your dream wedding.


  1. Reception “I Spy”

Smartphones and digital cameras are par for the course for a modern wedding, so give your guests a bit of guidance for what to keep their eyes peeled for with an “I Spy” table game. Ask them to take pictures of events like the best man sharing a moment with the groom, the cutest couple, the best/(worst!) dancer and so on. This is a great way to capture those moments the photographer may miss, and expand your wedding album with your guests’ submissions.


  1. Board games

Not a centerpiece type of couple? Why not use board games as the focal point of your guest tables instead? Games like Jenga, Connect 4 and others will see plenty of action all night, and your guests can trade between their tables or create a separate game table for everyone to peruse.


  1. Oversized board games

If your reception will be embracing a more outdoor setting, take those games off the tables and opt for oversized game pieces set up outside of your venue. Creating Jenga with larger pieces of wood or a large checkerboard with a checkered blanket and plastic plates couldn’t be easier. If you’re feeling adventurous, create a jumbo Scrabble board by painting letters onto wooden blocks and draw a board onto a large drop cloth. It’s your party, so let your creative side show through!


  1. Cornhole

The lawn game staple is perfect for an outdoor setting, and they offer plenty of decorative potential. The boards can be monogrammed with your names, silhouettes or in a color scheme that pairs with your theme beautifully.


  1. Mad Libs

This is another great accent to add to your reception tables that will be a great conversation starter and can help break the ice among your guests. A Mad Lib is a short series of paragraphs with nouns, verbs and adjectives removed that are filled in by your guests to tell a usually wacky version of events. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy reading all of the hilarious responses after the wedding.

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