The Art of Wedding Planning Part II

Welcome back to The Art of Wedding Planning. Last time we discussed what you’d want to get out of the way one year or more before the big day. This time we’re going to pinpoint the things you’ll want to do (or get started on) one to eight months before your walk of victory down the aisle.

This can be a stressful time because it’ll seem like there’s an endless list of things to get done and never enough time to do it. For this reason, many of the things we’ll cover tend to get put-off weeks and eventually months down the road. This ends up leading into the common procrastination piling up problem. If that happens, it’s not the end of the world. As we’ve said before, this is a helpful map, but nothing as big as a wedding ever went off without bumps in the road. If there is a formula to perfect wedding planning that works for everyone, we haven’t found it yet.

Whether you’re pressed for time (a common problem in modern life) or you need to catch up with items on your to-do list, we recommend this: Fifteen minutes a day. Dedicate fifteen minutes a day to preparing for your wedding. It doesn’t matter if you’re just researching wedding dresses or making appointments with vendors, as long as it gets you just a little bit closer than you were the day before. This is the process of water washing away rock in practice.

So what do you focus on?

12 to 10 months before The Big Day

  • Purchase Your Wedding Dress

If this seems too early, we say this: not at all. Never too early, especially if you want a dress made-to-order. These can take up to six months! Likewise:

  • Choose The Wedding Party Attire

This should simple, as many you’ll probably discuss this with the boutiques while you shop for a wedding dress. But this can be tricky since you’re (in a way) shopping for other people who will probably not be present. Utilize your wedding group to keep everyone in the know, and bear in mind the season of your wedding in terms of dress colors.

  • Book The Ceremony and Reception Venue

Make sure to book an elegant wedding venue in NJ. We’d have some suggestions on this, but we think you’re on the right track.

  • Research and Book Vendors

This includes the florist, videographer, photographer, wedding planner and entertainment. Many of these vendors will have a busy schedule (especially if the date falls in wedding season) so the earlier you get to this, the more likely you’ll get your first-choice of businesses.

  • Book The Officiant

Or choose who want to officiate your wedding. They’ll primarily be dealing with the county clerk, and being late on their waiting list is worse than showing up late to the DMV.

Next time, we’re going to discuss what’s best to do during the half-year mark and roughly between, and remember: When you know yourself, and you know the wedding, you’ll find victory in every ceremony.

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