8 Stylish Substitutes for a Traditional Veil

8 Stylish Substitutes for a Traditional Veil

In addition to selecting an elegant wedding venue, flowers, and food, you have the more intimate and enjoyable task of choosing what you’re going to wear. Some brides opt for the traditional full-length white gown, while others play around with lengths, colors, and styles. When it comes to a wedding headpiece, a veil isn’t the only option. Discover some unique and stylish alternative to a traditional veil.  

  1. ExquisiteHair Comb 

Although they aren’t in daily use today, hair combs used to be treasured items in a woman’s collection of accessories. They lend a hint of vintage luxury to any wedding. Look for combs that feature sprays of flowers or tiny stars, or find beautiful combs encrusted with pearls and rhinestones. You may even have a family heirloom that features genuine jewels or unique engravings. A hair comb does double duty— keeping the wedding hairdo secure while replacing the veil.  

  1. SparklyBobby Pins 

These aren’t your average, plain bobby pins— they’re decked out with rhinestones or crafted in beautiful shapes. Some look like calla lilies, tiny flowers, or seashells; others mimic pearls or quartz crystal. Remember to bring your bobby pins with you when you and your hairdresser do a trial run of wedding hairstyles.  

  1. WeddingCirclet 

If you love the vintage “hippie” look, let your hair down and select a crystal or pearl-studded wedding circlet to wear across your forehead. An off-the-shoulder wedding gown or a gown with flared sleeves works well with this look; and the entire ensemble is perfect for a wedding that emphasizes a love of nature and personal freedom. 

  1. Bridal Headband

Whether you’re having your hair done up or down, a bridal headband can set off the look beautifully. Some headbands are slim and simple, while others are designed with ornate sprays of flowers or other patterns, covered in glittering rhinestones and pearls. Have a fashion-savvy friend help you select the headband that perfectly complements your wedding dress. 

  1. Feathered, BedazzledClip 

Pay tribute to the Gatsby-era glamour of the Roaring Twenties with a wedding clip featuring feathers, strings of pearls, ribbons and other decorative elements. Those women of the 1920’s knew how to flaunt a showstopping hairpiece, so find a modern version of the style that suits your wedding dress and theme.  

  1. Wedding Hair Vine

For a free-spirited, boho wedding, you may be letting your hair down or wearing it in a beautiful braid. Ask your stylist to use a hair vine, which can be twined around or through the entire length of your hair. Some hair vines feature tiny crystal flowers or sprays of pearls. For a winter wedding, you could choose a hair vine with small snowflakes.  

  1. Bridal Fascinator

One of the latest bridal headpiece trends is the fascinator, a hair ornament fashioned from materials like netting, flowers, beads, feathers, and ribbons. Recently popularized by royal weddings in the U.K., the fascinator should traditionally be worn on the front right side of the head, just above the eyebrow. Make sure that the proportions of the fascinator are correct for your head and hairstyle so you don’t detract from your overall look.  

  1. Wedding Tiara

With an elegant estate like Nanina’s in the Park as your location, you can feel like a real princess on your wedding day. Reflect your inner royalty by donning a gorgeous wedding tiara. These headpieces come in all shapes and designs, from simple and elegant to stunningly ornate. It’s your day, so let your inner princess shine! 

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