Royal Bridal Trends You Can Steal for Your Own Wedding

Royal Bridal Trends You Can Steal for Your Own Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 inspired an avalanche of fresh bridal trends, some of them new and some drawn from centuries of tradition. As the next royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approaches, people all over the world are anticipating an influx of new wedding ideas. While you may not have access to a king-sized budget or a magnificent historical cathedral, you can still bring elements of royalty and extravagance to your wedding. Discover some royal bridal trends or luxurious elements that you can incorporate into your wedding plans.  

A Detailed Dress— Or Two 

The dress Kate wore for the ceremony incorporated beautiful details— just enough to look luxurious without appearing fussy. Search for a dress that mimics the deep V neckline, the sweeping lines, or the enchanting lace of Kate’s first gown; and if you really want to feel royal, indulge yourself by purchasing a second, less formal dress to wear at the reception. That way, you can feel like a princess for the ceremony and then dance the night away in something a little more comfortable.  

An Elegant Wedding Venue 

Find a wedding venue that has all the benefit of decades of rich history, blended with modern elegance and convenience. A location like Nanina’s in the Park combines the historic and the modern, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and exclusivity that you’ll love. Check out the grounds and indoor spaces available at the location so you can create the perfect layouts for ceremony seating and reception dining and dancing. 

High-Quality Headgear 

One of the most delightful parts of the 2011 royal wedding was the parade of interesting hats and fascinators worn by the guests. You may not have a royal milliner at your beck and call, but you can certainly adopt the fascinator trend and give it a fresh twist. Composed of cloth, ribbons, netting, feathers, beads, and flowers, a well-designed bridal fascinator serves as a statement piece without being a distraction. Highlight your affinity for the trend by having your bridesmaids fitted with fascinators as well. 

A Regal Groom’s Outfit 

While the bride is often the star of the show, the groom has his place in the spotlight as well. Princes and other royals usually dress in military uniform as appropriate; so if your groom has a uniform, he may want to wear it for the wedding. Otherwise, a finely tailored tux can look equally regal.  

According to reports, Prince William’s wedding uniform included sweat pads and heat-absorbent cloth to help him withstand the hot lights and warm temperatures inside Westminster Abbey during the ceremony. If you have the budget for it, ordering an outfit specially made for the groom’s comfort could be a welcome indulgence.  

A Multi-Course Wedding Reception 

The royal couple’s wedding reception took place in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace and incorporated organic, local food and drink throughout the two-hour dinner. At your intimate wedding reception, indulge your guests in multiple courses of fine food, much of which is locally sourced. The award-winning chefs and mixologists at Nanina’s in the Park are happy to customize an extravagant dinner menu and cocktail service just for you.  

A lovely venue, a designer gown or outfit, and a perfectly prepared reception menu can make you feel like royalty. Contact your event planner at Nanina’s in the Park to discover additional ways that you can indulge in a little regal extravagance on your wedding day. 

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