Unusual Wedding Cake Flavors To Consider

Unusual Wedding Cake Flavors To Consider

In your search for ways to make your wedding unique, you may have overlooked one exciting avenue for experimentation. Why not skip the standard vanilla or chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, and surprise your guests with a new and exciting flavor? Check out our list of unusual wedding cake flavors to consider.  

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Icing 

This one’s all about the icing! Try a chocolate cake with a delectable raspberry-infused frosting. It’s even better if your cake designer creates an ombre effect with shades of rosy pink and tops the confection with white chocolate kisses, strawberries, and fresh raspberries.  

Grand Marnier Cake 

For a holiday wedding, try a cake with a healthy dash of cognac or brand! Citrus peels, powdered sugar, and roasted almonds form the ideal garnish for this old-fashioned yet timeless cake.  

Lemon Basil Naked Cake 

Naked cakes are popular for their unique aesthetic and versatility. If your tastes tend more toward the savory rather than the overly sweet, ask your baker to whip up a lemon-basil variety with multiple layers, divided by thick slabs of cream cheese frosting.  

Ginger Spice Cake 

A ginger spice cake is the perfect foundation for deliciousness at any time of the year. It’s particular delightful during the fall, coated in maple frosting—or in the winter, topped with vanilla bean icing and holiday sweets. But you could also give it a lighter treatment with fresh fruits if you plan to enjoy this cake in the summer.  

Red Velvet Cake 

Red velvet cake is incredibly popular, partly because of the thick, rich cream cheese frosting that usually accompanies it. Go to the next level with this cake by creating a spiked version, thanks to a bit of amaretto. 

Coffee Cake 

Do you and your spouse love coffee? Pay tribute to your beloved beverage with a cake that features coffee-meringue buttercream icing. Or include the coffee flavor within the cake itself and set it off with a light, foamy icing reminiscent of whipped cream.  

Banana Cake 

Imagine a rich butter cake, layered with a filling of caramel and bananas, infused with cinnamon and rum, smoothly iced and decked with thinly sliced, caramel-drizzled bananas on top. Perfection? Oh yes.  

Pink Champagne 

Nothing says “celebration” like champagne, and a pink champagne wedding cake is sure to put your guests in a festive mood! Vanilla buttercream frosting and raspberry mousse are the perfect accompaniment to this confection.  

Cardamom Naked Cake with Plums 

Want to draw inspiration from weddings of the past? A cardamom cake, drizzled with honey, spread with fresh plum compote, and garnished with roasted plum slices gives your wedding a delightfully classic element with a modern twist.  

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