Simple, Cute Centerpiece Ideas

Simple, Cute Centerpiece Ideas

You want your wedding to be memorable and visually appealing, but maybe you don’t have the time or the inclination to invest in lavish, complex centerpieces for your reception tables. There’s no need to go over-the-top with centerpieces; in fact, your guests may actually appreciate smaller, simpler pieces that give them more table space and eliminate the need to peer around a towering arrangement in order to converse with other guests. Check out these simple, cute centerpiece ideas that make a statement without being too complicated.

Colorful Vases and Single Blooms

One eye-catching, super simple centerpiece style consists of colorful vases of all sizes and shapes, preferably in hues that coordinate with your wedding color palette. Line the vases up along the center of the table, staggering or clustering them according to your preferred aesthetic. Then place single blooms or pairs of flowers in each one.

The colored glass and flowers supply visual interest, but it’s a lighter, brighter look than a massive floral centerpiece.

Hydrangea Row

Hydrangeas are stunning by themselves, and they don’t need much accompaniment or adornment. Place them in low, squat vases or boxes along a patterned fabric runner for a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

Succulent Selections

If you’d like a modern, minimalist look, consider using cute little succulents in clean white pots as your centerpieces. Succulents are visually fascinating, especially when presented in a clean, white container with a background of rich dark earth or crushed white stones.

 Fish Bowls

Are you having a nautical or beach-themed wedding? Why not purchase some plain glass fish bowls with colored glass pebbles and real goldfish in them? Make sure you take proper care of the fish so you don’t have any belly-up situations—and give the fish as pets to the youngest guests at the wedding. Scatter shells around the bowls for a stronger ocean aesthetic.

Flower Petals, Candles, and Hurricanes

Buy some clear glass hurricanes or make your own with vases, glasses, and candlesticks. Fill each one partway with water and flower petals, and float a small candle on top. Beautiful and simple, these centerpieces will lend romance and appeal to your reception tables.

Mason Jars, Candies, and Fall Leaves

For a fall wedding, collect mason jars and fill them with seasonal goodies—wrapped candies, cinnamon sticks, berries, small fruits, or fall leaves. Use jars of various colors and sizes for even more visual interest. To add height, include a few jars stuffed with colorful, leafy branches, wild grasses, and ferns.

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