Easy Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Easy Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Are you looking for easy wedding favors your guests will love? Check out this lineup of wedding favors that are simple to make or purchase and guaranteed to please your guests.


Who doesn’t love donuts? Order a fresh, delicious batch of these treats from a local baker, pop them into cute little boxes, and add a customized label. With help from relatives or bridal party members, prepping these edible wedding favors is a breeze. You can adapt this idea and substitute cookies or macaroons for the donuts if you prefer.

Seed Packets

Seed packets are easy wedding favors that are perfect for those on a budget. They’re cheap, and they represent an activity and a result rolled into one tiny envelope! Choose packets of easy-to-grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables that can thrive in a window box or indoors, in case your guests don’t have outdoor space for planting the seeds. Again, a cute label makes all the difference in the presentation of these favors.

Tea Bags as Wedding Favors

Choose an assortment of favorite teas and make the packets available to your guests, along with tiny tags or labels that say “Love is Brewing” or a similarly romantic sentiment. If you’d like to take this idea to the next level, you could also include packets of sugar crystals and powdered creamer or milk, tying the items together with twine.

Tiny Jars

Adorable little jars will be a tempting gift for all your guests! These could be jars of local honey, apple butter, jam, preserves, specialty salt, or sauce. Round labels on the lid give you space to thank your guests for attending.

Potted Plants

Tiny plants or succulents in mini-sized pots also work well as charming, easy wedding favors. For extra eye appeal, consider sprinkling the top of the dirt with tiny colorful pebbles, gravel, or sand that coordinates with your wedding’s color scheme.

Candy Wedding Favors

Candies can be presented to your guests in several different ways. Giant chocolate bars wrapped in gold foil are both attractive and easy—just be careful not to place them directly in the sun or near a heat source, or they could melt. Wrapped candies look best in small boxes or transparent bags tied up with string and a custom-made tag.

Lip Balm

Do you know a shop with local, handmade beauty supplies? Why not purchase tins of lip balm in bulk? These tiny pots, adorned with printed stickers, will ensure that your guests have smooth, kissable lips for months.

Wedding Favor Coasters

Here’s a cheap, easy wedding favor that you can either buy or DIY. Purchase personalized coasters for your guests or buy a bunch of plain ones in bulk and customize them with paint or stencils. This way, your guests will always have a spot to set a drink without worrying about moisture rings on their furniture.

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