10 Common Things People Forget While Planning a Wedding

10 Common Things People Forget While Planning a Wedding

With so much on your mind during the wedding planning phase, it’s only natural that you’d forget a few things. We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of 10 common things people forget while planning a wedding.

  1. Get the Marriage License

You know that little piece of paper that makes you officially, legally married? You need that for your wedding day. Make sure you get all the paperwork together and apply for it well in advance. That way, deadlines and complications associated with getting it won’t be a problem, and you’ll have it in hand in time for the big day.

  1. Feed Your Vendors

Your videographer, photographers, live musicians, and other vendors are going to get hungry while working for several hours on your wedding day, so don’t forget to include them in the head count for the caterer.

  1. Pay Everyone

Believe it or not, some common things people forget is to pay the vendors. Try to take off payments ahead of the big day as much as possible so you don’t have nervous or disgruntled vendors working your wedding. You should also create premade tip envelopes so you can quickly and easily hand off a little extra cash to the catering staff, DJ, and others.

  1. Make a “Do Not Play” List

Everyone has those songs they absolutely hate. If there’s a song or two that you definitely don’t want at your wedding, make sure your musicians know that ahead of time. You can give them a list of songs you like, but in case those run short and they have to pull out additional music, a “Do Not Play” list is also a good idea.

  1. Create a Schedule

Write down a detailed schedule for the day of your wedding and give it to all the wedding party members. This way, everyone will know when and where to be on the big day, and you’ll feel a little more relaxed.

  1. Edit the Printed Materials

Make sure you read over all programs, invitations, signs, and other printed materials well in advance of the wedding, checking for typos and awkward wording. This is a task you could pass along to a grammar-savvy friend if you’d rather not do it yourself.

  1. Plan Transportation for Your Bridal Party

Your attendants may be riding with you to the wedding venue, but what about after the wedding? You’ll be running off to your honeymoon, and they’ll be left high and dry. Make sure that everyone has safe, reliable transportation for after the wedding reception.

  1. Have an Umbrella Plan

It’s a good idea to have some umbrellas on standby for yourself and your wedding party, just in case it rains. Venues like Nanina’s in the Park can help you come up with an on-site rain plan, so take advantage of that expertise and make sure you arrange a Plan B to deal with inclement weather issues.

  1. Provide Extra Chairs

Many times, people prefer to have an extra seat between them and people they don’t know. Keep this in mind when you’re providing a head count or seat count to your wedding venue setup team. You’ll probably need 20 or so extra chairs to account for this fact.

  1. Eat on the Wedding Day

You wouldn’t believe one of the things people forget is to eat on the day of the wedding! Sure, you’re excited and busy, but unless you want to faint from hunger during your first dance, it’s a good idea to eat a few snacks throughout the day. Focus on energy-boosting, high-protein foods, and drink lots of water so you can enjoy your celebration!

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