Travel Tips for Honeymooners

Travel Tips for Honeymooners

Your honeymoon is the first vacation the two of you get to take as a married couple. Though you may have been on vacation together before, this trip is special. It’s a time to indulge yourselves and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Check out our travel tips for honeymooners so you can make the most of this special journey as newlyweds.

Tell the Hotel it’s Your Honeymoon

Before you arrive at the resort or hotel, let the staff know that you’ll be on your honeymoon. Even if you didn’t spring for a honeymoon suite or romance package, the staff may still provide a little something extra, like flowers, a free upgrade, a box of chocolate, or some complimentary champagne. Those little surprises can make the experience extra special.

Take It Slow At First

The first day or two can be slow-paced and leisurely. After all, the two of you need to recover from the months of wedding planning and from the emotions and stresses of the wedding itself. Plan to save that first day for a nice relaxing time at your hotel or resort. No need to jump right into sight-seeing!

Talk About Honeymoon Goals

Couples often have different visions of what a vacation should be like. To avoid conflict while you’re on your honeymoon, have a clear, honest discussion about honeymoon expectations before you actually go on the trip. Is one of you eager to explore the city, island, or countryside, while the other would prefer lots of time in the hotel or resort? Find a balance or compromise that makes both of you happy.

Have a Basic Plan

You want to leave some room for spontaneity, of course, but having a general plan for the honeymoon can be helpful so you don’t leave your destination disappointed. Discuss which points of interest are must-see spots for you, or which activities you absolutely want to make time for. It also helps to have a budget for your time away, so you don’t start out your marriage having money arguments about what you can and can’t afford. Remember to build in some financial padding for unexpected expenses along the way.

Limit Electronics Time

A honeymoon is all about enjoying each other. Consider an agreement between the two of you to severely limit your time on electronics, including laptops, tablets, or phones. You can set your phones in airplane mode so you can still take gorgeous honeymoon photos without being distracted by other apps and social media.

Surprise Your Lover

Remember, the honeymoon is all about romance and connection. Try to plan a little something to surprise your new husband or wife while you’re on the trip. It might be a small thoughtful gift or a big romantic dinner at a scenic location; the scope of the surprise doesn’t really matter. What matters is showing your new spouse how much you care.

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