The Wedding Makeover

The Wedding Makeover

For many women, the upcoming wedding is their big chance to have a truly astonishing makeover. But a wedding makeover shouldn’t be limited to the morning of the big day; it’s an ongoing process that spans the months preceding the wedding. Gradual change ensures that you have time to experiment with new looks and find out what actually suits you. Plus, you also have time to make lifestyle changes that will hopefully impact your future even after the wedding. Explore some different aspects of the wedding makeover.

The Body Makeover

Your significant other loves you no matter what your size or shape may be; but for many brides and grooms, the wedding day provides additional motivation for getting shape, becoming stronger, and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

If you’d like to get more fit in time for the wedding, you’ll need to start far enough in advance, like months ahead of time. If you have the budget for it, obtain a gym membership or a personal trainer. If you can’t build those into the wedding budget, you can be your own trainer. Find some exercise or fitness coaching videos online and use those to keep yourself motivated!

Making careful food choices, incorporating exercise in your daily and weekly routine, and drinking plenty of water can all take you to the next level with your own health. After weeks and months of effort, you’ll be astonished how strong and healthy your body becomes.

Massages, Exfoliation, and Moisturization

Stress and weariness can take a toll on your body. As your wedding approaches, be sure that you’re getting enough sleep each night. Aim for 7-8 hours at least, no one wants dark shadows under their eyes on the big day. You can use cooling pads for your eyes as well.

Consider taking a spa day a few times before your wedding. Exfoliation and moisturizing can do wonders for your skin, so choose a spa that gives excellent facials. Some Asian beauty practices encourage regular facial massage as a way of increasing blood flow to the skin and promoting healing. In addition, schedule a full-body massage to purge wedding and work stress from your entire body.

Haircut and Treatment

Is your hair dry and brittle? Have you had the same hairstyle for a long time? Think about indulging your hair with some deep conditioning treatments; but first, schedule a haircut to get rid of any split ends. If you like your current hairstyle, keep it, but just freshen it up a bit. You could also try a new color, some highlights, bleaching, or color streaks. Just be sure that the aesthetician is skilled at dyeing and treating hair, so you end up with a beautiful, professional result.

New Makeup Style

Maybe you’re in a rut with your makeup routine. Now is the perfect time to try some new products! Start months ahead of the wedding in case your skin reacts poorly to any of the items you’re trying. If you have friends who are good with makeup, ask them to try a few different “faces” or makeup styles on you, so you can find new foundations, powders, eye colors, and other products that you love. Keep in mind that the best makeup style is one that totally looks like you, only better!

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