How to Cope When Relatives Don’t Get Along

How to Cope When Relatives Don’t Get Along

Are you excited about your wedding but dreading the fact that there might be some drama since family members don’t exactly get along? If so, you are not alone! There are plenty of family feuds that have popped up at weddings. However, that doesn’t have to be the case for yours. Keep reading for tips on how to cope with relatives that don’t get along so you can reduce the likelihood of any drama.

Consider Your Guest List Carefully

The first thing to do if you have family in conflict is to consider your guest list carefully. This is your wedding and your special day, so do not feel like you have to invite everyone. If you know someone is going to cause a problem at your wedding and you are not close to them or do not feel like inviting them, it is okay to stand up to pressure and simply not send them an invite. There may be some fallout leading up to the wedding, but at least you don’t have to worry about someone ruining your big day.

Choose the Seating Chart Wisely

If you’ve invited some people that do not get along, you need to consider your seating chart wisely. Not only should you put them at tables far away from one another, but you should also avoid seating either of them near the bar or the dance floor to minimize any potential for interactions.

Separate and Isolate

If there is a flare-up at your wedding, it might be too late to have a calm intervention. Instead, the quickest solution that most often works is to separate the feuding relatives. Establish a line in the room and ask them respectfully to stay on their own sides of the room. You can designate certain friends or family to keep an eye on them for the entire event as well, to try to de-escalate any type of tiff before it starts.

Ask Unruly Guests to Leave

The final option—and the one you want to avoid if possible—is to ask guests that are fighting to leave. This is your special day and you don’t deserve to have anyone ruin it. If relatives or any other guests cannot refrain from starting drama, you have every right to ask them to leave.

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