Modern Ways to Pop the Question

Modern Ways to Pop the Question

Are you contemplating proposing to your significant other but want to make it unique? It’s important to note that any proposal, no matter how simple, will be remembered forever, but if you want to go above and beyond with a modern, fun proposal, we can help. Keep reading for tips on modern ways to pop the question to make it a memorable occasion!

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

If you or your significant other likes mysteries or figuring things out, a scavenger hunt is a great idea. Not only does this provide a sense of wonder, but it will be a fun and surprising activity that you can make as intricate as you want. You can choose how far they will travel, who they will talk to, or what stops they make to pick up more clues until they get to the prize – you!

Make A Secret Video

Another creative way to pop the question that has been increasing in popularity is by making a secret video. One way to do this is to have the video start as a typical video of a romantic song and then have it shift to short videos of all the fun times you’ve had blended together while the song continues playing. Then, have the video end with the words “will you marry me”. You could also add a video of you down on one knee, popping the question. Send them the video and watch their reaction!

Rent A Hot Air Balloon

If you want an adventurous way to pop the question, a hot air balloon is a great option—as long as you and your significant other aren’t afraid of heights! Book yourself a hot air balloon ride—at sunrise or sunset can add some romance to the occasion—and take a bottle of champagne with you. When the moment feels right, get down on one knee and pop the question. Just keep a good hold on that ring!

Include Children Or Pets

If either of you has children or pets, the modern trend for proposals involves including them in the fun! For pets, you can tie a ribbon with a ring around their collar, and with kids, you can involve them by having them hold signs. There is almost a limitless number of possibilities when you add pets or children to the mix. Also, the potential for an unlimited amount of hilarity!

Recreate Your First Date

While it seems counterintuitive, recreating your first date is another modern way to pop the question. The first date will always bring back cherished memories and recreating it is the perfect way to start the next phase of your relationship together as fiancés!

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