Why Vendors Should Visit Venues Before The Big Day

Why Vendors Should Visit Venues Before The Big Day

Planning a wedding requires many elements that need to harmonize for a flawless day. One key component of this harmony is the venue. That’s why vendors need to visit the venue before the big day. This need can’t be overstated. Why? Keep reading! Let’s unpack some of the reasons why vendors need to visit venues.

Know The Space

Knowing the venue layout helps vendors navigate the space efficiently, from setting up decorations to photographing the couple. It saves valuable time on the wedding day and ensures every detail is picture-perfect. Plus, it makes sure that there are no hidden surprises.

Electrical And Technical Check

DJ, lighting team, or videographers will need access to power outlets. A pre-visit can help identify the best locations for equipment setup and prevent last-minute technical glitches. This is essential to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Plan B

An outdoor venue is beautiful until a sudden downpour puts a wrench in the plan. Vendors need to know the backup plan for poor weather. This allows for a seamless shift if the weather goes sour. When vendors visit venues they can scout out alternatives.

Accurate Estimates

From florists to caterers, having an accurate idea of the venue’s size and layout helps vendors plan their supplies more accurately, reducing the risk of wastage or shortages. For florists, it allows them to give you an idea of where you might need flowers. For DJs, it allows them to give you an accurate quote on lighting, etc. It’s just a good idea, so there are no surprises when it comes to cost!

Perfect Shots

Photographers benefit immensely from a pre-visit. They can scout the best locations for shots, understand the lighting at different times of the day, and plan their photo shoot accordingly. This also allows you to meet with them in advance and specify any specific locations where you want them to take pictures.


Understanding how to load and unload equipment and knowing where vendors can park on the big day will help everything run smoothly. It can also identify any potential accessibility issues for guests so they can be addressed in advance.

The Dream Venue For Your Big Day

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