Wedding Dress Fabrics

Wedding Dress Fabrics

Planning your wedding is a big adventure. One minute you’re sampling cakes and the next, you’re lost in the world of wedding dress fabrics, wondering which one will be “the one!” Even though there are a lot of options, there’s no need to fret! Keep reading to learn about wedding fabrics, so you can choose the perfect one for you.


If you’ve dreamt of a gown that flows gracefully, satin is your best bet. It’s smooth, shiny, and super luxurious. The way it catches the light is perfect! It’s great for evening weddings and those looking for their wedding dress to have that regal flair. Some things to consider for a satin dress is that the fabric can be slippery. You want to make sure that you can walk easily in your dress without the issue of slipping or tripping. Another thing to keep in mind is that your dress might wrinkle more easily. Surely, you will have your dress steamed/pressed before you wear it, so this should be a minimal consideration.


Envisioning a fairy-tale gown? Tulle is the secret ingredient for that dreamy, cloud-like effect. Often used in ball gowns or layered under other materials, this net-like fabric is bound to give you the fairy-tale gown that you are looking for. It is important, with this fabric, to really know your venue and decor. Tulle, while strikingly beautiful, can snag and potentially rip if you have an environment where you are brushing past things like branches or stiff decor.


For the bride seeking vintage charm, lace is an ageless choice. Whether its intricate patterns, floral designs, or simple overlays, lace exudes an air of timeless elegance and romance. It’s also great for rustic weddings and is nice and breathable for outdoor summer weddings! Lace can have the same caveats as tulle. If you are going to have an intricate updo with pins and combs, you want to make sure it will not snag your lace. Additionally, all the hugs you will receive from all of your guests wearing watches, bracelets, and necklaces can be an issue.


Silky, lightweight, and with a glossy finish, charmeuse is for the brides that want to drape themselves in luxury. These dresses come in a variety of hues, styles, and silhouettes, so you are bound to find something that looks great on you. Unless you are looking for a loose drape for your dress. These dresses have a more fitted look and might be more difficult to alter. Some of the same issues as satin can be found in a charmeuse dress where wrinkling is concerned.


Chiffon stands out as an age-old favorite amongst brides when it comes to wedding dress materials! Originally crafted from silk, this sheer and elegantly woven material is light and delicate. That makes it perfect for outdoor weddings or ethereal bridal looks. This type of dress definitely needs to be lined, though, and you need to watch out for snagging and pulling like some of the other fabrics.


Winter bride? Velvet’s plush, rich texture is not only warm but gives off some serious royalty vibes. It’s like wrapping yourself in luxury and elegance and will provide some warmth during the cold winter months! You’ll just need to make sure that when you get your dress cleaned, the cleaner understands the fabric well.

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