Touching Ways To Honor Your Parents

Touching Ways To Honor Your Parents

Weddings are all about celebrating love, but while the focus is usually on the lovebirds, there’s another kind of love that deserves some of the spotlight—the unwavering love of your parents! Are you looking for some heartwarming ways to honor your parents on your wedding day? Keep reading to learn about touching ways to honor your parents on the big day.

Memory Lane

Toss in a surprise slideshow or nostalgia filled video featuring all those quirky, embarrassing, and endearing snaps of you and your parents. From their old retro hairstyles to those memorable family trips. If you have some, you can even show pictures from when they were kids, pictures from when they were dating, and their wedding photos.

Family Dance

Forget just the father-daughter and mother-son dances. With more weddings shifting away from tradition, feel free to change it up! You can dedicate a special song for the whole family to dance to together. A tune from their wedding? A family favorite from those long road trips? There are so many options to choose from!

Customized Accessories

Another touching way to honor your parents on your wedding day is to gift them custom-made accessories. Maybe a tie for Dad with a message sewn inside, or a handkerchief for Mom with a heartfelt note. You can also consider engraved jewelry for both. It’s all about the little touches and giving them something to cherish!

Wedding Program

You can write a heartfelt thank you note to your parents in your wedding program. This tribute is bound to pull some heartstrings and can even result in a happy tear or two! You can go one further and share some wisdom that your parents have shared with you that truly made a difference in your life. Sharing with everyone the tremendous influence your parents have had on your life.

Handwritten Note

Another heartfelt way to show your parents how much they mean to you is to pen letters to each parent. Pour out those emotions, revisit old memories, or simply express gratitude. Seal it in an envelope and ask them to open it on the morning of the big day. You can embellish your letter with paper that matches your invitations, consider adding a touch of your wedding color fabrics, and sealing it with a wax seal that is your initials or loving word.

Something Borrowed

How about wearing a part of your parents’ wedding attire? Mom’s veil, Dad’s cufflinks, or maybe even incorporating a piece of their wedding dress or suit into your own ensemble. It’s a beautiful way to add a sprinkle of sentiment!

Memorial Corner

If you have a parent watching from the heavens, create a memorial corner. Light a candle, display a photo, or simply have a moment of silence. This is a time-honored tradition to celebrate the loved ones that cannot be with us on the big day.

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