Traditional Vows vs. Handwritten Vows

Traditional Vows vs. Handwritten Vows

So, the big day’s on the horizon, and you’ve hit the vow conundrum. Should you go classic and traditional, or let those creative juices flow and pen something straight from the heart? Both are great options in their own right, but oh-so-different! Are you struggling to determine what is right for you? Keep reading to dive into the details of both options.


When it comes to wedding vows, traditional is often the option that comes to mind. There are many benefits for those who want to go the traditional route. First, there’s a certain warmth in uttering the same vows that countless couples have exchanged over the years. It can feel like joining a timeless love club. Additionally, with a million things on your wedding to-do list, going traditional might just save you from some added pre-wedding jitters. This can give you more time to pick your shoes and finalize your menu plans. Also, traditional vows, with their age-old wisdom, have a universal appeal. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason. As you can see, there are several benefits to going traditional. From liking the way traditional vows sound to simply not needing the added stress of getting creative and going off script, this is a great way to go!


Another way to express your vows is something custom that each of you comes up with on your own. There are various benefits to going with handwritten vows. What’s more intimate than sharing your unique love journey in your own words? It allows you to truly express yourself and your love for your partner. There are many ways to make these uniquely yours. Remember the time your love snorted after laughing too hard, or did the chicken dance at a formal event? Personal vows are your chance to incorporate those giggles, which can serve as an icebreaker for nervous couples! Just make sure you don’t share too much! What’s great about handwritten vows is that they aren’t bound by any structure. They can be as short, long, funny, or as tear-jerking as you want them to be. You could even sing them if that’s your choice! There are many reasons why people choose to go off script with their vows and these are just a few reasons!

The Hybrid Approach

For those sitting on the fence, you can also mix and match. Start with the traditional and weave in a touch of personal to create something that is both traditional and unique to your love story. Remember, whichever route you choose, your vows are the heart of your ceremony. It’s the moment you’re promising a lifetime of love, in sickness and in health, during Netflix binges and during the debates about what to order for dinner.

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