Slaying Your Cold Weather Look With A Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Slaying Your Cold Weather Look With A Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Winter weddings. It can be cold for winter weddings in the Northeast. So, if you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland for your “I dos,” you need to make sure you’re warm and fashionable. That is where a long sleeve wedding dress and a few more chill-proof ideas for your special day come in. Keep reading to learn more about some trends for keeping warm during those chilly days.

Long Sleeves

When it comes to selecting the perfect long sleeve wedding dress, you’ll find a diverse array of options to suit your style and preferences.

  • Classic Lace

Classic lace sleeves, with their timeless elegance and delicate patterns, create a regal aura around the bride, making her feel like royalty on her special day. The sleek and romantic appeal of lace, while not the warmest choice, offers a captivating and traditional look that has stood the test of time.

  • Boho Bell Sleeves

If you’re drawn to bohemian vibes and seek a touch of fancy, boho bell sleeves are a fantastic choice. These free-flowing sleeves not only keep you warm but also add a carefree, ethereal quality to your bridal ensemble, allowing you to channel your inner boho spirit down the aisle.

  • Beaded Brilliance

If you love a bit of sparkle and shine, beaded long sleeves are a brilliant option. These sleeves catch and reflect light beautifully, casting an enchanting and frosty glow, especially in winter weddings. The added benefit is that they look equally stunning in person as well as in your wedding photographs, making your attire truly dazzling.

  • Sultry Sheer

And for those desiring a touch of drama without compromising on comfort, sultry sheer sleeves adorned with tasteful embellishments provide a perfect blend of allure and coziness. These unique sleeves give your wedding attire a distinct character, ensuring that all eyes will be on you as you make your way down the aisle.

So, whether you opt for classic lace, boho bell sleeves, beaded brilliance, or sultry sheer designs, your choice of long sleeve wedding dress can truly reflect your style and personality, making your special day even more memorable and remarkable. Head down to your local bridal shop and start trying on all the dresses!

Beyond Long Sleeves

Are you looking for ways to stay warm during your wedding beyond long sleeves? Keep reading for more great ideas.

  • Capes

Firstly, let’s talk about capes. Regardless of whether you choose a full-length, regal style or a shorter, more playful version, capes are not only your ticket to warmth but also a source of enchanting photo opportunities set against the snowy, wintry backdrop. Their flowing elegance adds a touch of mystique to your bridal look, making your entrance down the aisle a truly magical moment.

  • Velvet 

Now, if you want to infuse your wedding attire with an extra dose of luxury, velvet is your friend. Whether you go for a full velvet dress or opt for velvet accents, you’ll be enveloped in a soft, plush fabric that exudes richness while keeping the cold at bay. The deep, sumptuous colors and smooth texture of velvet can be the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

  • High Necks & Collars:

When you value both warmth and style, consider high neck designs or collared dresses. These sophisticated choices exude an air of chic and add an extra layer of warmth to your bridal ensemble. High necklines and elegant collars not only keep you snug but also enhance your overall fashion look.

  • Layers

Now, let’s discuss the art of layering. Underskirts or petticoats, when cleverly chosen, can be a game-changer. They not only lend volume and flair to your gown but also provide a much-needed shield against the winter chill. This practical yet stylish choice ensures that you’ll be well-prepared to gracefully navigate the elements on your big day.

  • Faux Fur

And last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the allure of faux fur finishes. Faux fur stoles or jackets can be draped over your shoulders, creating a look that’s not just warm but also glamorous. These cozy accessories add a touch of opulence to your bridal attire and make you feel like a winter wonderland bride, both comfortable and elegant.

Say ‘I Do’ Amidst Winter Elegance At Nanina’s In The Park

Once you’ve picked your dreamy dress, think of your venue. You’ll want somewhere that complements the winter magic. That’s where Nanina’s In The Park comes to mind. A gem nestled amidst historic parklands, this venue transforms into a winter fairytale. The sweeping ballroom with its twinkling chandeliers feels like something out of a snow globe, while the manicured gardens become a frosty wonderland, perfect for those magical photo ops. Ready to make your winter wedding fantasies come alive? Reach out to Nanina’s In The Park and start planning your special day!


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