Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Let’s face it—the wedding cake isn’t going to last long. It’s made to be eaten, after all. But besides being a kind of ceremonial confection, the wedding cake also serves as a decoration. Its presence draws attention and admiration, and the cake-cutting is a highlight of the reception. Since it’s such an important element of your big day, why not go all-out with a truly gorgeous and exceptional showstopper? Let’s check out some unique wedding cake designs that might inspire you as you’re planning your own wedding festivities.

Next-Level Wedding Cakes

Some couples stick with a traditional tiered cake format but take it to the next level in unexpected ways. One bride and groom had a wedding cake that looked like a black suit and tie on one side and a lacy white dress on the other. Another wedding featured a cake whose outside was completely coated in an even layer of multicolored sprinkles. Cakes at some weddings feature dark blue icing swirled with deep purple and azure, speckled with white dots to simulate a starry night sky.

Wedding Cakes for Your Favorite Hobbies

Sometimes, wedding cakes can be used as a way to show off the happy couple’s favorite activities. One bride and groom had their baker create a cake with mountain vistas and pine trees all around the circumference of each layer, to celebrate their love of hiking and the outdoors.

Another couple’s wedding featured a cake decorated with game pieces created from fondant, to showcase their love for gaming. The decorations included Monopoly money, Scrabble tiles, a game spinner, a Connect Four grid, dominoes, playing cards, and the rope and the candlestick from Clue.

Wedding Cakes That Tell a Story

One couple had a five-tier cake in rainbow colors, graduating from blue to purple to pink, and then to orange and yellow. Along each tier, silhouettes made of black fondant told the couple’s story in simple images.

For another couple, travel was their shared passion, so they commissioned a cake whose tiers looked like suitcases. The decorator took great care to make the fasteners and handles of the suitcases look incredibly real, and the finishing touch was a pair of fondant passports. You could copy this idea or blend it with the story-telling concept to create a cake that tells of the vacations or other journeys you and your spouse-to-be have taken or plan to take together.

Wedding Themed Cakes

If you’re having an ocean-themed wedding, why not opt for a beach-themed cake with fondant seashells, coral, and starfish? One couple’s cake even included crumbly cookie powder as faux sand between the layers and atop the cake’s highest tier. A couple of tiny beach chairs served as cake toppers.

For a fairytale wedding, you could indulge your inner princess and have a gorgeous castle cake! Base it on a familiar castle from a favorite movie, or let your decorator go all out with a castle of their own imagining.

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