How Big Does My Wedding Cake Really Need to Be?

How Big Does My Wedding Cake Really Need to Be?

Trying to determine how much wedding cake to order can be a complicated endeavor because it truly depends on a variety of factors. While you want to make sure that you have enough cake, you don’t want to have fifty slices left over when all is said and done. The decision might seem overwhelming but considering some key factors can make it much easier. Keep reading for a guide on purchasing the right amount of cake for your wedding.

How many people are on the guest list?

The first question that your baker will ask you is how many people are on your guest list. You have to secure a wedding cake vendor well before the RSVPs are due back, which means you won’t have an actual head count yet. A good rule of thumb is to order enough cake for 75% of the guest list.

What is your budget?

Another question to consider is what your budget is. Wedding cakes can be anywhere from $3 to $20 a slice, so costs can quickly add up. The good news is that if you had your heart set on a giant 5-tier wedding cake but don’t have the budget for it, your baker can usually make a couple of layers of faux cake so you can achieve the dramatic look you are going for without breaking the budget. The remainder of the cake can be a sheet cake, which is usually much less expensive.

How will the cake be served?

Something else to think about is how the cake will be served. If the cake is part of the dinner service and will be served when everyone is sitting down, you need to be sure that you have enough cake for everyone. If the cake will be served in a dessert station where people grab a slice if they want one, you can usually get away with ordering a bit less.

Will you have other desserts?

If you will have other desserts served at a dessert station, you can also get away with buying less wedding cake. That is because some people will opt for trying different mini-desserts instead of the wedding cake.

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  • Crème Brulee Station
  • Fresh Fruit Display

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