What’s Buzzing In The World Of Wedding Cocktails?

What’s Buzzing In The World Of Wedding Cocktails?

Let’s face it; while tying the knot is a special moment, the real stars at some weddings – besides the lovely couple, of course – are the delicious wedding cocktails served at the bar. You know the one—the cocktail that hits your taste buds and gets the dancing feet moving! Dive in as we break down what’s trending in the wedding cocktail arena, and how you can wow your guests with tasty drinks.


Who would’ve thought basil in your cocktail was a thing? But it is! We’re seeing refreshing blends of herbs like mint, rosemary, and basil with zesty flavors like lemon or grapefruit becoming increasingly popular in wedding cocktails. This is especially a hit for summer weddings looking for a refreshing splash of flavor.

Tea Infusion

For the tea lovers tying the knot, mixologists are now blending classic cocktails with a splash of your favorite tea. Earl Grey Martini? Chamomile Whiskey Sour? It’s a tea party with a boozy twist! This is great for those romantic fall and winter weddings that are looking to up the cozy factor with some custom cocktails.

Floral Hints

Elderflower liqueur, lavender syrup, and rose petal-infused gin. Simply put, floral flavors are all the rage these days when it comes to wedding cocktails. Not only do they look great, but they also bring a delicate aroma and flavor that’s a hit with the guests.


Eco-friendly weddings mean eco-friendly cocktails! If you’re interested, use locally sourced ingredients, organic spirits, and edible garnishes. Even the straws are going green, with paper and bamboo options being a favorite among wedding couples.


Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Egg whites are being used to add a frothy, creamy texture to drinks. A classic whiskey sour with that frothy top? Pure perfection! Egg whites add another layer of sophistication to your cocktails and a complexity that just can’t be missed! Add them to your sours and fizzes to delight your guests.


For those who like a little kick in their drink, spicy cocktails are becoming all the rage. Think muddled jalapenos in your margarita or a hint of pepper in your vodka tonic. It’s all about that fiery thrill that hopefully carries over to the dance floor! Just make sure if you’ve turned up the heat that you offer water or other soothing drinks to your guests to put out the flames!

Non-Alcoholic Knockouts

Not everyone’s looking to get tipsy, and that is why mocktails are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. These non-alcoholic delights are as flavorful and fancy as their boozy counterparts. Virgin mojitos, cucumber coolers, or a fizzy apple spritzer. This way, your guests can enjoy all night without the buzz—or the hangover! You can set these drinks apart with fancy glasses and pretty garnishes, so your guests know what they are ordering.

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